Overbridge 2.0.60 - Big Sur compatibility

Before upgrading to 2.0.60 everything worked just fine :frowning:

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Mine broke when updated to Haven’t tried the 2.0.60 version yet but it doesn’t seem to have fixed anything sadly.

Very quick look and so far looks good on a Heat Mk2 (Bitwig Beta 4.6, OSX 11.4, MacBook Air M1 2020 8gig ram).

ONLY thing I’ve found buggy - Preset list appears empty - You have to click on, say, preset 1. Then go back to the list and the names of your presets appear again.

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Sweet! Do you use it as your main audio interface? Just got a new M1 Mac and hoping my AH1 can pull double-duty

I don’t personally, but it should be all good.

M1 BigSur Logic:
A4 appears and disappear in OB engine = not working
DT at first glances works

Please send me logs for this and I will take a look! You can use Control Panel to gather all logs and create the zip. Send me the logs in a private message.

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Why would you want to do that? Just uninstall the old version and then install the new one.

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Can’t wait to try this out later today after work! Fingers crossed Logic Pro 10.6 plays nice this time…

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Every day is a Wednesday in my heart.

Unfortunately does not work… when overbridge mode is off ob engine see the device, but when ob mode is on device does not appear in ob engine window, checked on Analog Keys, Digitone, Analog Rytm MKII

What is Control Panel and where i gather logs from it.
Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 07.32.15
As i said, OB Engine shows this “measuring” and than it disappear. This happens cycling.
If swith to MIDI mode, it is the same - appear and disappear but with different status name

There is an APP called Overbridge Control Pannel That is installed with the engine and standalone programs. It’s where you set the plugin buffer size and where you select what tracks to pass through for the older MKi hardware. There’s a cog/settings icon you can click to bring up the buffer settings and log collection dialogue. you’ll want to close the ob engine and any daw projects with ob plugins running. then click collect logs. save them to your desktop or somewhere you can find them and send the file in a DM to @brykt


Its maybe/probably important to uninstall and then install new ob again and then give safety permission after big sur install.
I had to do that for a4 mk1 on 2018 mbp.
Didnt test a lot, but works so far, thanks to the engineers.

Don‘t have dn and old hp laptop here to compare.
I also never did many or long sessions but wonder what it does to the audio dropouts and lags on dn that i also saw sometimes.

Had to try twice to update to big s, apple gatekeeper saw apple as a security risk, second time not without doing anything.
Not ideal via phone hotspot but…
Also try a4 as improvised vst midicontroller, still feels better than the mbp butterfly keys. Just my ecoders d and i dont send cc somehow.

For big sur i can‘t see anything better or worse than catalina yet. i miss disabling the start sound weekly a bit. miss that i still can‘t disable autostartup from a keypress i think.

‘Supported computer OS
•macOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 or 11.4’

Does this mean I have to install Big Sur 11.4 if I’m currently on 11.2.1, if I want to install the latest version of Overbridge??

Just for reference in case, anyone has similar. I uninstalled the previous version before installing and the first time I had an “Install failed” prompt after the restart. I uninstalled it the second time, installed it again, and success.

Running Mac OS 10.15.7

Maybe asked before but did you update the firmware on all devices as well?

Same here after installing 0.60.02. Reinstalled to 0.58.8. but OB is not working anymore…

Hello guys, I managed to find a fix for the Digitakt not being detected in ovebridge mode(Windows)

  1. Shut down Digitakt and pull out the cable from computer;
  2. Go to Device Manager
  3. Go to the top View menu and press on “Show hidden devices”
  4. Collapse every tab and where you see Digitakt, right click and press “Uninstall device”(you should find it in 3 or 4 tabs)
  5. Connect Digitakt to computer and power it up. That’s it, it works!

No restart required

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In my experience, this version is not better (nor worst) than the previous one. It still looses connexion randomly under Logic, which simply turns the sound off (I use my DN as my main audio interface now). I have to shut down the engine and relaunch to get back sound from Logic. There’s a kind of conflict between the OB app as an AU and the OB audio driver. MBP16 Intel here.