Overbridge 2.0.53 Public Beta - Big Sur compatibility

Yes! Thank you very much, it actually works perfectly on Ableton. I got Ableton Lite, which only has 8 tracks, which is enough to record the Digi. Cheers’


Do you also have the problem that overbridge or ableton not apply your panning from Digitakt?

So, is OB working under Logic now ? I’ve updated Logic to 10.6.2, but OB seems still broken. No audio out on the mains from my DN. The driver disappears when the machine is in OB mode. I don’t understand how the audio can run from the DN to the DAW, then to my laptop speakers, but is broken from the DN to my main out. Am I missing something ?

Apple released Logic Pro 10.6.2 the other day. From their release notes:

Performance is improved when streaming audio to Elektron hardware using the Elektron Overbridge plug-in.


actually did not try it yet

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I’ve been holding off on upgrading to Big Sur because of Overbridge. Now that beta has been out for a bit, what’s been everyone’s experience? Think it’s safe to upgrade? Currently using Logic 10.6.2 and Catalina and it all works great.

If it works, keep it like that. Will you have any benefits to upgrade to BS?

OB is broken under BS, do not upgrade 'til the software is finished. It’s a real mess now.

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Just what I needed to know. Thank you!

I imagine that statistically people will post more often in these threads when they have issues. So I’m happy to share that I have no problems with my A4 mk2 + Ableton Live Lite + Overbridge on my Big Sur MacBook Air!

I’ll try my Rytm Mk2 next. Any people here that use Rytm Mk2 and OB, that wanna share if it works fine for them?


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Anyone know if it’s possible to get multiple tracks of audio 10 in Bitwig on M1 Mac?

I can only figure out stero

Logic I can get 5 stero to work but not in Bitwig

What version of Bitwig are you using? FWIW, I’ve only got v3.1.3 to work with, running M1 mini with Big Sur. Not sure if that’s even any use at all.

Between Bitwig and Live I could only upgrade one so I’ve been spending more time with Live 11. Man, I do miss Bigwig tho…

To confirm I got this working on M1 Mac on Bitwig 3.3.1 I was doing it wrong haha

Add the plug-in to an instrument track and then click the double arrow icon in the top of the plug-in panel. You’ll now see options to add multi-out chains.

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Not working for me on a Digitone. Seems to be working for others. I do have lots of lovely rounded window corners to keep me entertained while I wait for a fix though.

Hi patrickcmcneely, what OB version do you use on Catalina and Logic 10.6.2 and what electron device are you connecting? Thanks for a short answer and your help, best Daniel

Hi Dan, no problem.

Catalina 10.15.7
OB 2.0.471
Logic 10.6.2
RYTM MKII and AH MKII. I’m pretty sure my buddy’s DT works as well.

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Hi Pat, yeaaaah that’s close to my setup – I will check it out. Thanks for your efforts! Have a nice weekend, best Dan