Overbridge 2.0.53 Public Beta - Big Sur compatibility

Is there a particular process to get Overbridge to load as a VST in Logic Pro? I’m trying to load the Analog Four MK2 VST as an Instrument Track in Logic Pro but the plugin just shows a spinning loading symbol infinitely? I’m on Logic Pro 10.6.1 with a M1 Mac Mini (16gb/256 ssd). (Using the Overbridge and A4 MK2 firmware upgrades from today. A4 MK2 was also turned off and rebooted after Overbridge installation and then again after firmware installation.)

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Warning! Please refrain from upgrading to macOS Big Sur if you want to keep using your Elektron device as a regular sound card in Overbridge mode. Only multi-track streaming from the plugin is available at this point. CoreAudio will be added later.

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Logic uses AU plugin format, not VST

Ahhh I see lol. Didn’t realize you could stream audio without selecting rytm as the sound card. I shall read the manual!

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Please use this topic for general discussion and questions around Overbridge 2.0.53 Public Beta and Big Sur compatibility. For participating in the beta and reporting potential issues, head over to the Public Beta topic. We’re also happy to hear if everything works well for you!




Hm, that’s weird


Are you running Logic Pro in Rosetta mode?

using AR mkii/digitone in overbridge with live 11 and big sur, so happy!!!
thanks elektron.

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Strangely way to early with Big Sur and Ableton 11.0.2…Analog Rytm MK1

Had electron stuff for about 5 years now, never tried OB. I’m running big sur. When I tried the Analog Heat MKII, the plug-in connected and I saw it controlling Heat but the audio just sounded like it was in bypass mode. I believe the audio was passing through the Heat via USB but no “Heat” effect was heard. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a beta bug?

Are you using the standalone plugin or the VST/AU (in a DAW)? Could you describe how you’ve set things up? Overbridge really takes the Analog Heat to a new level in my opinion and I’m happy to hear you’re giving it a go. What you experience is not a known bug.

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I’m using the vst in Ableton 11, but haven’t tried it in another DAW yet, or standalone. I had the USB cable attached, OB mode on in system, shows up as active in OB, seems to control the parameters and stream the audio, but does not apply any heat to the sound.

I normally just use the heat as an external audio effect in ableton and hook it up with analog ins and outs to my audio interface. The reason I wanted to try OB was for making automating things quicker.

If you’re e.g. adding the VST to a return track, and then raise the corresponding send control for a playing audio track, are you hearing the effect then? Make sure to delete the VST if it is inserted anywhere else as you can only use one instance of it per device.

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Ok I will try it like that instead of as an insert on a track and report back.

Should work just as well as an insert, I basically just wanted to make sure the plugin was used correctly.


I’m trying to update AR MKII from within bigSur via Transfer app.
It fails and I get “Upgrade failed, checksum error”

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