As a Biscuit owner I’m extremely excited about this!

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Cool - but that’s the only info there is at this moment?

Hmmm, oto is bringing the last batch of 250 Biscuits in December. The last chance to get one! Is it that? Or is it something new?

Check the date on that thread. It was from October 2012. The death of the Biscuit was greatly exaggerated back then, but when I bought mine from Analogue Haven in May it was their very last one and he said OTO wasn’t taking more orders.

The order of 250 was probably met with a high demand and more were likely produced (unless I’m overestimating the number of Biscuits out there). Mine is #0611, but I’d be shocked if less than 1,000 were out there…

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Word is that it will be a new FX box and not a Biscuit MkII. Also fixed the link in the first post.

Oh exciting! As an owner and fan of Oto machines i am looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately the below link is what was going to be released but it was determined that it would be too risky financially in the current climate.


Apparently it was being developed in a modular way and the new product may represent one component of the intended design. According to the OTO Machines FB page the new product is not a synth or a drumbox “this time…”

Looking at the prototype linked in the first post it appears to be a hybrid analogue/digital design, perhaps someone with more electronics experience can confirm.

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Hmmm looks like a smaller Sequentix Cirklon step sequencer.


I didn’t realize I had been to this page before and that I was moved past the picture I’d already seen and saw that one. Rather than reading context, the post the picture was in or the date on the article, I decided it was a better idea to go into a frenzy and tell the universe.

Great way to start the day!

I actually owned that little robot holding the screwdriver as a small child and even remember the little thrift store my mom bought it for me at o.O



It’s oh so quiet…

Well, Dec 13 has past, as far as I understand. The OTO-forum is 100% quiet and Jan 14 is close to the edge (Art of Noice, anyone? :wink: )

I was hoping for NAMM, but that does not seems to be the place and time.

I asked a few days ago on their Facebook page and got this response:

We won’t be at the NAMM (too expensive for a small european company and we are not ready with the new stuff…).
We should announce new things at the MusikMesse in march!

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:frowning: March!? My patience was tried (Depeche Mode, anyone? :wink: )

March!? (Thread title updated)

Source: OTO Machines Facebook page.

I’m wondering if it’s another digital/analogue hybrid like the Biscuit. That’s a style of effect that’s under-explored IMO. A superficial look at the Biscuit makes it look simple, but it’s very thoughtfully designed and… it sounds rad. I’m confident OTO can do it again.

From the boards and previous info posted I think it is safe to say that the form factor will be very similar to the biscuit. I have no idea if it will contain a step sequencer, but given that the cancelled product includes what appears to be a step sequencer the probability is quite high.

I think hybrid analogue/digital is likely and as it is an FX unit and not another 8-bit box it may well focus on modulation type effects. Pure speculation but I think these assumptions are pretty reasonable :wink:

Seriously can’t wait to find out!

Man if it was modulation heavy I’d be happy indeed. I find too many FX boxes are focussed on canonical sounds — reverb, distortion etc. — but not a lot of wild sounding stuff.

It seems the common approach with digital FX is to either emulate something analog or do lo fi. It’d be interesting to have something that uses digital tech without either of those. Granular? Weird wave shaping? A clockable resampler like Ableton’s Beat Repeat would be rad.

I am a big fan of the Biscuit, and i am really curious what products there wiil be!