Oto Machines BIM and BAM midi CC troubles

Hoping to get some help here, since the OTO Machines forum is practically deserted.

My BIM is receiving MIDI Clock without any trouble. I haven’t gotten into controlling either of them with CC until tonight. But neither answers to anything! There is nothing what so ever indicating that they are receiving any data. I have updated them both using MIDI so I know that the connection is there, but I just can’t get any CC working! Can anyone shed some light on this please? Thanks! :slight_smile:

PS. The MIDI filters and channels are set up, I believe I have these basics down for this to work, it just doesn’t…

LOL NEVER MIND!!! geeeeez… lesson 1: dont complain to poor hardowrking souls in anger if you havent exhausted your every option first. :speak_no_evil::man_teacher:


The ^ link is broken- I’m having the same issue - I used to get it working, seemed I narrowed it down to be about switching the bim on before the OT and other gear…!? Now it’s not working again and I’m pulling hairs out…

Yeah, I noticed it’s very picky about some CC’s still. Make sure you have updated it first. My machines would stop receiving cc’s entirely if I sent Cc from a third party plugin Or something like it. Only lane automation from ableton’s arranger worked for me.

Hmmmmm i hope there is a solution to this. I’m going to be programming the ccs of my oto boxes this year. Bit bummed out if they can’t be!

Yep me too its the reason why i’ve bought it in the first place.
The BIM sounds great but TBH it is a little bit buggy and forum is dead.

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I found problems with programme change and midi cc. I emailed them about it. I got this from them . . .
Hi Adam,

Sorry for the late answer.
I will work this week on a new firmware revision for BIM.
I’ll check the program change problem and let you know.

All the best,

Denis Cazajeux
OTO Machines

That was months ago sadly.

Just a note, they are like two (more or less) people working at Oto Machines. A microscopic company. Denis was kind to send me the 1.4b revision for Bam. It is supposed to help with CC and Prgrm Changes.
If anyone wants it I’ll upload the sysex tomorrow!

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Yes please :+1:

Please do

BAM_rev_1.4b.syx (105.0 KB)


Not about midi CC but does anyone can tell me if this behavior is normal ?

Using short delay and a sound with high frequency content i get lots of digital artifact. So using BIM has a chorus , vibrato of flanger is problematic because of that.

hm, dont know about this sorry!

I tried to upgrade my BIM following their pdf instructions after the update the BIM will not go on. Any advice?

My SN is over 300

no idea, sorry :frowning:


You should contact Denis from Oto Machines : support@otomachines.com

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Yes I just talked with him this morning. The issue might be my midi interface (alesis strike multipad) not sending the Sysex correctly. He recommended I use the m audio uno and try again. My uno is arriving tomorrow. As a 12 bit connaisseur i really like the BIM sound dampening effect it does to the samples. This issue should be settled soon I will let everyone in the thread know.


Have you tried pressing active? I seem to remember thinking mine wouldn’t power up after upgrading to 1.3, but after I cycled the power and hit active it came on.


Unrelated to the current problem but since OTO’s forum is a bit quiet i might as well through this out there-

In the middle of rewiring my studio so i can’t confirm specifics but i recall one of the devices (probably the BAM) not responding visibly to MIDI clock the same way the other device blinked along. Is that expected? I chalked it up as probably being due to a ‘verb not needing to line up with clock the same way a delay would, but there’s pre-delay and if there’s still tap tempo I’d expect the behavior to be the same.

It could also be that it’s somehow being filtered out along the way, of course. Just wondering if both of yours blink in time when they receive clock. More recent firmware for both boxes.