OT MKII not sending correct midi channel or cc messages


I got an OT MKii which is pretty new to me.

I’m trying to use a midi track to sequence, it’s kinda working, but the OT does not seem to send the channel data correctly.

If i set the track to use channel 10, the note on message is sent with the correct channel but the note off is sent on channel 1.

Likewise with CC’s. When I turn a knob it sends the CC and channel correctly initially, but then any subsequent movement is sent as note data on channel 1.

Attached is a capture of the midi data, the first is playing a trig, you can see it sends channel 9 then note off on channel 0 (ch 10/1, the app starts counting from 0). Then i turn a cc knob, you can see the cc is sent on the right channel but then the rest of the turn is sent as notes on channel 0.

I’ve searched the forum, this is the exact same issue Midi out events and this is very similar Octatrack -> ipad...hanging notes? - hanging notes possibly because its not getting note off due to it being sent on wrong channel

I’ve tried the midi interface im using with a different midi device which does send the channel/cc’s as you would expect so its not that.

Any ideas?


Weird. Never had that kind of problem, or I couldn’t realize it…
It’s like you’d use a midi processor.:thinking:

What is your auto-channel ?
What are Audio tracks midi channels ?
What if you set them to off ?

Yes it seems pretty bizzaro.

I have all the audio tracks midi off. Auto-channel is off. I have tried every option in project settings that is midi related, on/off/auto, different channel, same channel, different midi tracks on the ot etc. Nothing seems the change the behaviour I’m seeing.

This turned out to be due to OT not like my usb 2 midi thing. It’s something with the OT as the device I had worked fine with everything else, including my rytm. Anyway I bought a roland one and it works fine now.

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