OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


MIDI able to send program change to external gear per trig, or at least per track, rather than only when part/pattern changes.


I know the OT mk2 is pretty much an OT mk1 with a new pretty face but I’m really hoping Elektron has some more innovation in the pipeline.
Anyone have any inside info about Elektron’s plans? Honestly all I’m hoping for is copy/paste patterns while sequencer is running.


Only that? Not very ambitious! :wink:


Yep, just that. I’m in love with my OT and find it’s “limitations “ quite inspirational. But, not being able to handle pattern copy/paste like my AR and A4 is very harsh on my style of creating tunes (and ability to improvise as you saw you in another post…despite the transition trick).
Unfortunately I’ve been finding posts dating back to 2014 requesting it. I hope it’s possible.


I want 2 Go RAM, auto saved recordings, better fx (especially a very good reverb), assignable envelope follower :wink:, the ability to define recording length (longer than 64 steps! :grimacing:), 16 parts per bank, and I would be already very happy. More? (Quite sure this topic will be moved quickly :smile: )


On OT mkIII I’d like to have a dedicated aux bus or 2, in addition to the insert effects. It would be next level to have the option to patch in external effects and have them run on the aux channel(s).

Imagine @sezare56’s feedback tricks if you could patch 2 OT mkIII into each other via the aux bus…


I don’t think Elektron will release a new octatrack
I would say the demand for a hardware sampler is not what it once was, and considering the time it would take to develop


Following out of professional curiosity :smiley_cat:


Was just about to say aux ins for effects!

But really, after 4 months of owning an OT I just want to get better at using the damn thing!


If we are talking about a new sampler I’d want some sort of polyphony, additional scale modes, some sort of internal multitracker (or OB), ability to be a USB host for external controllers, extended chromatic range, audio arp, and more complex time stretching in the vein of warp markers in Ableton or Bend Markers in Studio One.


Overbridge on OT and polyphony is what I want most, other than that maybe minor file management/quality of life improvements and updated fx.


they’ve been very upfront that the OT is now in a bug fixes only state (yes they added TRCs since then) - it’s maxed out and clearly can’t be modified in some of the ways we’d all like without it being a bit of a headache - that’s why we ended up with a modest feature request thread and even that is full of optimistic thinking

The OT is what it is, we can really only hold them to account on the bugs I suspect

probably the most important change I would want and have asked for too

ps - thread merged here, as predicted … there is no future for the OT in that broader sense, this is the end of the line (the official word on this iirc) - but perhaps a new machine with its aspirations will follow it (OB capable etc, who knows)


I don‘t think anyone outside Elektron knows. However, I seem to recall some statements by Elektron employees indicating there won‘t be a lot of new feature development. I assume, Overbridge is their top prio at the moment, with OS updates for their more recent boxes second. I even suspect they have shifted new product announcements due to Overbridge demanding more attention than anticipated, so I don‘t expect updates for the Octatrack anytime soon, if ever. As always, just my $.02.

The future of the Octatrack

Only speculating of course but the fact that it’s such a unique machine and the fact that it’s based on a 1994 data medium makes me think that there should be some kind of mk3 at one point.


Octatrack in its current incarnation is the reclamation of 8 pieces once scattered over the Earth upon the end of the last epic of high technology society including civilizations such as Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria… It was the misuse of its great power that lead to the fall and hence the reboot of civilization, scattered during the flood to be kept with the secrets of the pyramids until a time when the race was worthy to bestowed once again it’s powers. Known throughout history as many names, is currently titled after the legendary cephalopod guarding ancient temple sites in the depths of the oceans for the last several eons… It’s future is very much in our hands, if we remain worthy it shall stay with us as a tool for sonic enlightenment, bridging the gap between consciousness and sound. If we fail it might be lost for eternity… It’s future is up to us… :monkey::sparkles:


the Pangea of digital instruments


I don‘t think that incremental improvements make sense at this point. A lot of concepts would have to be rethought effectively leading to a new machine. Whether this would be economically viable only Elektron market research knows.


hence “some kind of mk3” :wink: but probably a new machine, yes.


I’d be ok with a complete rethink on the Octatrack anyway. At some point, you gotta move on and try other concepts, otherwise we’d just have the SID Station MK56. Wait, that sounds kinda cool :slight_smile:

The Octatrack AS IS could still sell for years to come. It was a game changer when it came out and still is in so many ways.


Yeah, no more sampling / resampling, no recorders. It’s too complicated. :stuck_out_tongue: