OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

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How could we push Elektron to update OT with interesting things?

That’s simple: Throw enough money at them. I guess for the right price you can even get your own private OS.

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some update on Reverb algorithms would be cool, the digitakt one is much better… but i know it requires more dsp power

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I think there were some signatures collection in the past.

Just wanted to remind folk about this sentiment previously reported, but reported again recently with more context, it concerns the viability of addressing any feature requests (let alone bugs) - a helpful post to consider (thought it should be linked here as it may have been missed)

the salient text is here too …

No new features or major changes as there are no more processor 
cycles left and for all changes, even for bugfixes, refactorization and 
optimizations are needed for it to fit so it’s very tedious work.

The OT has had a long life with an incredible amount of updates 
and added features over the time and is now full.

I increasingly wish that on the ratio conditional trigs (1:4 etc etc) that the inverse option was available, that is for 1st, fill and the like. (The line underneath options). so that for example, 3:4 with a line under would play every time except for the third.


Read above post and enjoy what you have ! :slight_smile:

you’d think it wouldnt require a lot…its a feature that already exists in many ways.

I know, just absolutely no hope left here…

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man slide trigs and all this mad sequencer stuff :open_mouth: … anyone have a decent video showing in theory and practice?

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Different color LED for active page recording


Freeze track feature to eliminate the hassle of resampling.
Undo feature on Pickup machine, actually a global undo would be nice

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A “clear all recordings” option. There is already a “save all recordings” option in the rec menu.

When we use only live recordings, and use a bank per “song” or even a pattern per song, all the recorders need to be cleared between songs. Power cycling is not an option. Reload the project does clear the buffers but the point of using banks per song is to avoid reloading projects and have seamless transitions between songs. We could setup a pattern that silences all buffers using a recording trig on each track with no input but if the OT is master clock that will start everything that is clocked to it (there’s no “pattern plays free” mode AFAIK). The fastest way I found to do it is to quickly cycle through the 8 audiotracks (in quick record mode): select track, hit rec, select next, hit rec etc. and finish hitting stop (to avoid filling the RAM with silence if there are tracks with rec length set to inf).

A simple shortcut, or a menu entry in the rec menu would be really cool.


@roadmoviemusic you can make a change within CONTROL>MEMORY. Anything, like change the reserve length, will clear all the buffers.

Should be okay for you in the scenario you describe, but if you do have any static slots in use they will be silenced (this happens because of a bug). Flex slots are okay after such a change (Elektron fixed that half of the problem) but the statics will have to be brought back to use by either playing each one within audio editor, or reloading the whole project. That’s no good for you obviously - but if you use just live recordings and flex slots then this workaround will be quicker than what you’ve described.


Looks like a valid workaround, thanks. Unless I misunderstand, static slots can then be brought back by reloading a part, that’s faster than reloading a project…or if I use banks for a song, I could clear the buffers before switching to a new bank/part, that would automatically load any static slots I might use, would that work? (I do indeed alway have a static in my template part for long field recordings)

Because the ‘static slots go silent after changes to memory settings’ thing is a proper bug recovering them is not so nice. I just checked part reload and it doesn’t bring them back. It really is either project reload (or in many cases that has to be a save then reload - even longer) OR you go into the audio editor for the slot that’s gone silent and use FUNC+YES to play the contents which brings the slot back to,life . The latter would be okay for you as you only have one slot to fix. You might want to avoid playing out that quick preview live though!, so maybe you’d have to turn the track down first…


Ah Ok, yes I noticed that there was some confusion sometimes when switching between machines and that that was solved by going into the AED, and doing exactly that. I could even see the graph upgating with the correct sample. Oh well, that’s a bummer, but I will get used to it…

How great would it be if we could control/lock parameters of conditional trigs with the slider. So for instance, when you move the slider from A to B you could go from 0 to 100% of chance to trig for trigs 1, 3, 7, 8 and from 100 to 0% for trigs 4, 10, 12, and slowly transforming a pattern. Now imagine that for all 8 tracks simultaneously!


Every Elektron machine needs the ‘chance’ parameter from the M:S tbh