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Hello, new OT user here. I’ve switched over from a Model:Samples and am finding it quite amazing and fulfilling to say the least! One looming question I have that I can’t seem to find the answer to online or in the manual is: how do you assign different samples for each track in each new pattern? With the Model:Samples it was simple: you add a new pattern and you have a fresh set of sounds to work with and the previous patter wouldn’t be affected – with the OT it carries over the samples from the previous pattern, and any change made to the new pattern affects the original pattern’s samples.

Is the best way to use Sample Locks – in each new pattern just lock in a differing sample?

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Yes sample locks if you don’t need different fx, if you do need different fx use parts (4 per bank)

Note also that you can copy trigs/tracks/pages to alleviate a lot of manually locking samples.


OK got it, thanks for that. I’m surprised there’s no way to add another pattern with no tie to the previous pattern – but if necessary you can copy/paste the old pattern/samples to the new pattern. I found that useful and creatively liberating in the Model:Samples.

Yes, there is a way. Four different parts if you want to do that. But the OT has a different way of working. The DT is more similar to the M:S in this context. Maybe you could use a model samples for this kind of workflow.
Edit: I should say that I felt the same way, coming from a DT to the OT, but quickly realized that I needed to trust the OT way, and that was a good decision in my opinion.

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That’s good advice – trust the OT… I get the same feeling; don’t questions why it doesn’t do something, just recognize it is the way it is for a reason.


I would say this exactly. Use as much of the Elektron workflow that you learned from the M:S, but remember that they are still two different machines, with different workflows.

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I guess you meant parts? :wink:


Thank u. Oops. Yeah parts.

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Yes, parts is the way to go if you want no ties between patterns.

If you are not experienced with parts the simplest way is to just use a different bank for the “untied” pattern. This way it gets assigned a different part automatically (because parts are tied to banks / different bank => different part).


That’s what I usually do. In a same song, i’d rather stay in the same bank. I prefer sample locks, but if you prefer to change parts, people oftenly set their parts like this :

Pattern 1, part 1
Pattern 5, part 2
Pattern 9, part 3
Pattern 13, part 4


This all makes sense, and I messed around with Parts and Sample Locks – and Parts work to a degree, but there’s only four total (instead of 16 Patterns) and the transition doesn’t seem very smooth (I probably just need to become better at this!). Sample Locks seems like it might be the best option I’ve experienced yet. However, forgetting all of this for a second, upon messing around with the Demo Project that came with the OT, I noticed that each Pattern has different samples and the sample triggers are not Sample Locks – some of them are, but not all of them. So, Pattern 1 of the Demo has its 7 or 8 samples, then Pattern 2 has totally different samples, but not as Sample Locks… this is the type of environment I’d like to replicate.

Part change problem in a song : if you want to modify common settings, like Level, Delay Send, you have to change them on all parts.

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A good read would be Merlin’s OT guide, there is a polished version you can find here: A polished version of Merlin's OT guide here

There is a chapter on parts that may help you a lot.

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