OT: A friendly World Cup thread?


I think, of the stronger contenders at this point, I’m all in on Croatia :slight_smile:


Zivjela Hrvatska!!!


We have a Mexican Hairless Dog puppy and that’s why I’m rooting for team Mexico (and Senegal) this time. As a Finn I never have my own team in the World Cup to support, so I always choose a sympathetic team in the beginning and support them until the bitter end.

Been watching so much football recently that I can’t get anything else done. Luckily my summer vacation is starting.

Tonight my money’s on Brazil because I have a couple of good friends there. I have nothing against german people, but it really makes me happy that they’re out. There’s nothing more boring and safe than being a fan of the German Football team.


(Not joking here :rofl:)


They deserved it :wink: Im German, but knowing how much these men earn every month and seeing how unconcentrated and clueless they’ve played from the very beginning doesnt make it easy for me to support them.

Already regret that i took a couple hours off at work today to watch this really awkward Match. Will check back at the Semi-Finals. Lets see whos making it through - and if they deserved it :wink:


And not 1 drop of beer was spilt :sweat:


I kind of wish the Netherlands had made it to the cup:


Congrats to Sweden! Well deserved. Playing with their hearts on their sleeves. Arguably a better team without Zlatan. My family is Swedish, and I’m usually in Sweden around the cups, so very happy to see them do well. I remember the 94 world Cup fondly, when they won bronze, there was a crazy party all night long in the streets outside the family house.

Hats off to them, been playing like a team, losing like a team also. I hope they can cause a few more upsets and get far! :slight_smile:


Yeah, Netherlands have been strangely weak the last few years! What happened?




I remember the 94 World Cup too but not so fondly. My dad won tickets for two for an all expense paid trip to America including tickets for the 3rd/4th playoff and the Final at, I think, the Rose Bowl in LA. At 11 years old, I was super excited. He took my mum instead. Raging!

the final was a complete dud so didn’t miss much but I was a huge Hristo Stoichkov fan back then and would’ve loved to have seen Bulgaria in the playoff.

On a positive note, my parents staid at the same hotel as the Italian team so I have a Cup Final programme signed by Demetrio Albertini and Franco Baressi. The latter is a footballing legend!


My 9yo kid is fond of the French team, but I find them rather boring this year…


I have this feeling England is going to trash a B team from Belgium this evening … get over confident in the process and loose in the next round :ghost:


Went to Moscow to see BEL - TUN! Awesome game, four days Moscow: unforgettabe experience!


Wow that must have been incredible! I’m excited at the prospect of attending a game when the Cup comes to North America.


Don’t say that Tony… this is our year!


I know, I am Belgian :crazy_face:

I like the PL, it’s the only league that is entertaining enough to check out regularly with La Liga as a far behind second.


You could not have picked a better game!!!


You can have the win mate, best of luck with the tougher path to the final!


Thanks mate, watched a bit while working. See you in the final then for a replay with A teams!

But I would enjoy a final Mexico-Croatia too! Nice games is what matters, flags not so much for me.

There are no easy paths if you want to climb the highest mountains.