Osc 1 Feedback

I got lost in this tonight, it’s fantastic.
I kept meaning to record but I never felt like I was doing anything on purpose, so it kind of threw me off.
I went down a black hole fer sure.


I have one track on the A4 here doing this technique.
It doesn’t start at the beginning, but it starts early, and once it’s there it last till the end, about 1:24
I downloaded Cocker’s goods and altered them a bit.
Drone city!


NICE track, loved it

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Thank you!

Nice! I’ve been making a lot of drones lately too, with 4 voices the A4 can get messy :slight_smile:

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A4 noob here :slight_smile: Used Osc 1 Feedback for the bassline in this:

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What a thread :dancer:

my take:


Almost all the links to soundcloud in this thread have died

As the author of the thread I’d at least like to update my original post to contain a working soundcloud link for the Osc 1 feedback example that I originally posted - I think I changed my soundcloud username some time ago and the link no longer works

But I seem to be unable to edit my original post at all

Is this possible?


Post your new link here and I’ll update the OP.



I have been playing with my new A4 for 2 days now and using it as a fx processor and cv modulator for my Pulsar. But this feedback stuff is really fun:

another one, this time pretty minimal sounds:


Crossposting this here, not sure if that is frowned upon.

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nice sound! i tried something more subtle but i like the result for a fat moogish bass.
osc1 feedback lil bit slide 12 or 24 semitones plus
osc 2 off turned to 120 and i played a lot with the pw position
osc1 am turned on. filter 2 keytrack in hp or band (freq 52 kt 32)

combine with fast envelopes for more funky bassound

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Damn. Just found this thread and wish I hadn’t.

It’s making my Syntrx feel threatened (the delicious screeches into big space) and making my Syntakt purchase the other day look a bit foolish (because budget restrictions). Probably should have got an A4 after all.

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Your work here is so sick, I knew when I heard the first sample that it would turn into something. I flipped it into a dark garage beat. I layered in some of my own A4 feedback too (which was sampled to tape cassette to warm up its harshness).

What a thread!


Yeah! Cheers, great idea.

A4 is still one of the gears that I want to buy again and take a deep dive into. I haven’t really used it that much.

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This is great!!

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Would you have the project, kit or sound saved of that first audio of yours that I sampled Longshot I know, but I’ve expanded it into a full track now that I’d like to perform live, so on the off chance that you have it would be really helpful if you could share it🙏🏻

Cool! But unfortunately I don’t have the A4 and the project file anymore, sorry. It was just a small experiment and then I was totally distracted by Pulsar-23 :slight_smile:

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