OS Updates! Rytm MKII 1.40C, Digitakt 1.07, Digitone 1.02


I guess I bought all the wrong Elektron boxes…RYTM MK1, A4 MK2, HEAT :frowning:

But glad other people will have a nice weekend.


There’s a dedicated bass synth machine in the making that was part of the original AR MK2 announcement and that should be coming to MK1 as well.


i find this funny, as all the kick machines, tom machines and BD machine are incredible bass machines already. but i guess people always want more. it was always an exciting part of the original announcement of the rytm that the internal components could be re programmed in unique ways, i hope theres a few more surprises for the mk1 crew yet.


Hi there,
I didn’t install 1.06 version- is it necessary to do it before 1.07.??if not, where can I find the link to the 1.06 Thanks


you can just jump to 1.07


Will there not be some proxies like step procedure knowing that 1.06 is not installed ?


I’ve used it on dozens of recordings. Try it sometime. And besides, it’s not about whether there is a glitch or not - it’s about freedom of composition, to try new things without being hamstrung. Elektron and Ableton are just not a good pair.




okay thanks man


Thx for the update on the AR2 Elektron!


You also can copy a ptn and leaving ptn change mode, then do paste, undo paste on the playing ptn


You mean you you will never fix this?? I’m really disappointed


I installed 1.07 on my digitakt but despite my expectations, “pattern change” on the machine itself still does not work “correctly”.
If I have a pattern of 4:4 lenght and press “pattern change” in the middle of the pattern the Digitakt still plays the “old pattern” one more time before changing.
I’d expect it to change right after it reaches the end of the pattern! I mean even the old Roland machines do it like that, why can’t the digitakt.
Don’t even get me started on “changing” immediately after finishing the bar…
On a sidenote I had hoped that with the new OS you’d be able to finally save pattern chains…


yea, this is what i want to know


It works when I “change” the pattern until the end of 2:4 but NOT if I change it in 3:4 or 4:4.
I don’t see any reason why this cannot work since the Digitakt gets the “change” message before the end of the pattern.


That sounds like a bug for sure. You’d be doing everyone a favor if you don’t mind filing it.


but the A4 can do this (instant pattern change) and i never had problems with missing notes from step 1. And i would prefer it being an option even with its drawbacks. direct pattern change can be a creative tool.


I sent a ticket, describing my experience. I’ll let you know when I have received a response.


The Digitakt is advertised as live orientated performance tool but where is the spontaneous aspect when I cannot change the pattern on short notice and immediately switch back to the old one after only 1 bar?
Every super cheap drum machine from the 80s can do that…


It can, set the ch.len parameter to 16.