OS Updates! Rytm MKII 1.40C, Digitakt 1.07, Digitone 1.02


What are your settings for master length and the change length in the page menu?


Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for the rant! Classical case of user error!


My mistake…nevermind!


That’s why they sell the A4 or the OT for more money. It’s a business decision to restrict the sequencer’s feature set on the entry level machines. Technically there is simply no reason I can think of …


Are you purposely playing around with us here? Its like a bad joke. Why wouldn’t you want to give us the option for instant pattern change?


Irritating response: So go and buy a super cheap drum machine from the 1980’s already! :rofl:

Sensible response: Perhaps file a user question via the personal account section on the Elektron site, ask for the option for immediate pattern change in the Global Preferences. It would be a much appreciated feature by some.


i really doubt that its a business decision. its not an obvious feature which gets advertised. its an annoying little problem which can drive you mad but you wont consider to buy another elektron machine for that. even less so.


It’s not about this single feature. There are many sequencer features which are simply missing on the entry machines (song mode, tracks with different length within a pattern, pattern change modes etc.pp) and where no technical reason exists AFAIK.

From a technical perspective it’s even more complicated to maintain multiple software versions (one for each machine) than just one for all of them, because you’ll need to fix bugs separately. So, why the heck, would a company do that? I’m a software developer, btw, and I know how much you gain when you unify your platform as much as possible …

Unification in usability and features is where the Elektron machines really lacks. Each machine has its own special restrictions which can get quite irritating when you try to operate a few of them. You have always to keep in mind which machine/sequencer can do what and how to work around it.

For example: Do you want different time signatures on tracks within a pattern? Well, this can only be done with OT. Do you want BPM fixed for a specific pattern so you don’t need to dial it in manually after a pattern change? Well, that’s bad when you want it on an A4. … and so on and so on …

Such features don’t require a faster processor or any different hardware. These are simply software features and each machine is capable of doing it hardware-wise.


This is a pretty great feature to finally have. Copy and paste on the fly! The button combo is a bit unwieldy but hey i’m still pleased.


thanks again. i must have missed that in the manual. works great


Not sure if you mean different scale/speed divisions here, but you can absolutely have different lengths on each track in a pattern on every device since the OT.

Different track scales like on the OT, on the other hand, would be very useful. That said, with trig conditions, there are workarounds to make patterns sound longer than they actually are.


Sorry, got that example mixed up :wink:


And, of course, in some situations there exists workarounds. But when you use multiple machines you need always remember which machine requires which workaround (instead of more unified usability).


Pattern change bug fix!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!


Yes, that was the biggest one for me.


Isn’t this the exact same button combo as on all the other elektron boxes?


Or then you can frankenstein together a ”rig” which uses the best features of each to control the whole, which is my solution. If I had a DT, I’d use it for the master clock (because tempos in pattn settings), for sequencing OT (polymetry and scales per track), for my master MIDI keyb input I use the A4 multimap to get splits etc and so on… Nowhere ideal of course but possible.


Yeah, the frankenstein approach is also my preferred way, because it keep the mental burden at a minimum. No dedicated master-of-everything, but multiple masters each with it’s own duty :slight_smile:

… and throw a laptop (or more) into the mix if it’s required for some stuff.


Dave Mech Here from this forum Drives a great Live Set with two Digitakt and an AH Xone:DB4.


Elektron advertised and announced the Digitakt/Digitone as more streamlined entry Machines. Thats their Business decisions. KISS aproach keep IT simple stupid. I liked that, thats why i added them to my Analog Four MK2. I find it Strange that PPL now complain about this.