OS Updates! Rytm MKII 1.40C, Digitakt 1.07, Digitone 1.02


Higher than is possible. It’s not a time machine. It cannot look into the future. Just set your stuff up correctly and you will be able to do amazing live performances.


In case anyone missed it these are the repercussions of allowing a device to change “instantly” on the first step of a pattern. If the DT were to change patterns “immediately” from a PC sent on step 1, one of the above would have to happen. Apparently Elektron wasn’t cool with letting any of those things happen, so it is required to send the PC in advance at the end of the previous pattern…

From what Olle says any device that does respond quickly from a PC change on step 1, must be exhibiting one of the above repercussions…


Thanks for repeating exactly what is a few posts above :joy:


Yeah maybe it was pointless but it somehow seemed reasonable at the time :sweat_smile:, someone will miss it but they’ll see me recap… Haha :slight_smile:


Why are there always these limitations and restrictions?
Pisses me off :joy:


Hmm for some reason my digitakt update got stuck halfway through. Never had this issue with any of the other OS updates. Is it safe to turn off the machine and try again?

Update: Used C6 and it went through. I turned it off and on after it froze no issues.


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You should also be able to press ‘No’ mid-update to cancel. :wink:


Well I never said or implied even that it should be able to look into the future, or transport anything any other place in time, sir, your post is simply what is we call a “straw man argument” on my shores.

I’ve never experienced any of the issues you mention with downbeat PC changes on MIDI devices. Have made countless recordings that way. All I’m saying is it’s too bad DT can’t handle it. It’s fine, but good to know.


Fuk Yea! to the pattern change updates
I’m all good now Thanks Elektron Updating Software Guys :slight_smile:
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I hadn’t updated since 1.04- that updated bit crusher sounds great!


We want note slide!!!


Great set of fixes, thank you !


Digitone reads digitakt on midi ins & outs
just a heads up


The problem is that this throws off the timing and adds audible glitches because a few ms of the old patterns plays before the device switches to the new pattern when the PC message is sent exactly at the start of the pattern.

It can work, but never works well.

You might not notice this on slower or more relaxed stuff, or when the start of both patterns sound the same, but with tighter and more complex stuff, you’ll quickly hear it getting glitchy.


@Olle The explanation you just gave really should be in the manual.

Especially for people who only worked ITB and who are used to everything being bit-accurate, it can be hard to understand how MIDI latency works.


YEAAAAH finally
and bit more jump possibilities for DT


as far as i understand - this should make it possible to copy a pattern to a new pattern before it changes to this new pattern, right?
could you explain step by step, how to do that? seems, i am to dumb.



not sure if anyone else noticed but i noticed that the original post yesterday for this included a rytm mk1 1.40c update but was hastily pulled.

i’m fine with this, my mk1 works perfectly as is and i don’t use over bridge, some posts in this thread state the update is going to be linked with an overbridge update. all fine.

my question is though will the next update for mk1 involve any new features/upgrades/sounds, things worth salivating over? or just be a general bug fix/overbridge compatibility thingy. happy with either.