OS Updates! Rytm MKII 1.40C, Digitakt 1.07, Digitone 1.02


It works fine. You will always need to send the PC message in advance as the messsage needs to arrive a few ms before the event should happen. Everything has latency so sending on the beat will never work. If you use Ableton, just put a negative track delay and it will work fine. The issue before was that it didn’t change pattern correctly even if the program change message was sent in advance.


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thanks for the updates guys.
DN 1.02 is particularly good.
keep em comin :+1:




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Sorry hardware only, there is no ability to send the PC in advance, Elektron need to add instant pattern change to make it work with other hardware


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Any chance of instant change? (Eg: not waiting to end of bar)
Need this feature for PGM change from hardware that cannot send a predelayed msg.


Then why can every other piece of MIDI gear i have can PC change on the beat? Weird. Including my old MPC1000…


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It may then miss transients on the first beat or that the first beat of the new pattern is delayed or delay the whole pattern. It can not see into the future but solve it by the these options. The Elektron sequencer don’t, it wants it in advance.

MPCs can send program change in advance(if set to do that) and so does the Elektron sequencers. Circlon can do this. Ableton and most DAWs can do this as well.




I never use track delay with any MIDI gear when sending PC, and have never had any problems. MPC can change immediately to next sequence, even mid pattern.

That’s neither here nor there. If DT can’t do it fine. But what is the workflow? I put a negative track delay in Ableton, but when I change scenes, DT lags behind.


It won’t. It will receive the PC and wait for the pattern to end end then change.

MPC can change directly as you say but it will have one on the above side effects.


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