OS Updates! Rytm MKII 1.40C, Digitakt 1.07, Digitone 1.02


just updated and played with it for a bit. clicks seem to be gone :sunglasses:. sounding so good


done, went fine via c6. tested the sysex sound dump (whole bank)




Only .03 to go until Overbridge! (right?)




According to algebra:


So I guess that means only .0299999999999999999(inf) to go?


Yeah, still frustrated there is no update for the Analog Four mkII sound lock bug. The weirdest thing is there is an update for the user manual dated today, but no OS update. Very strange.


Presenting Digitakt OS 1.091…1.092…1.093…1.099…1.0991…1.0992


nice updates! these both look like great buys now… waiting eagerly for ob release and I rekn im in :slight_smile:


Whoah, a jolly good bunch of fixes to DN/DT, including the pattn sync fix as well as MIDI ext keyb fix! Thanks and big up elektron, enjoy the weekend!


Program Change is still not working from none Elektron devices. Still waits for the pattern to finish before changing. Elektron, can you please add a direct/instant pattern change option?


i would love a direct jump option (a la Analog Rytm)…that would make triggering it from the Monomachine’s song mode a joy since it’d be able to react to changes in length/offsets.


Thanks for these refreshments elektron. Tomorrow will have another jam night :wink:

More and more DN/DT becomming all i need…ow and offcourse my OB6 :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a bit of a disappointment :pensive:


Jeez we get ripped off hard in Australia. That’s $311 dollars cheaper than I paid in my money


That’s a bummer, I wonder how it’s fixed across electron machines but not with non electron devices. That doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.


Yes it’s weird, it even states in the notes that it fixes it with only for Elektron boxes. Why would Elektron not want their gear to play nice with other gear? Unless they are trying to lock us in but they wouldn’t do that, would they?


Nice, keep the updates coming! I know some are dissapointed by the lack of big features this update but I’d rather have a steady stream of smaller patches than a long wait for one big mega patch.


I suspect this is a really, really, nasty bug - like something in very low level firmware or even on the chip. I say this because it should clearly be a very high priority item to fix, and yet it’s taken them a year to finally push out a partial fix.

An “Elektron devices only” fix suggests that the bug fix might be some hack/workaround that leverages something unique to Elektron products. I’m glad they at least got this far, as I’ve been wanting to use an Ocatrack mkII as master so I can run my sets with the arranger. But yeah what a drag for those who want to sequence using something else.

I find it very hard to believe that they’d intentionally only fix the problem for Elektron boxes. If they wanted to go that route as a company it would make more sense to do an AIRA-style proprietary system…

EDIT: for the record I’m super happy that they got this far. Can’t install/test this fix until this weekend but excited to finally dive into my OT arranger.


To be fair, it doesn’t say that it only fixes it for Elektron boxes, it acknowledges that when sending the pattern-based program change messages from their other boxes, it would lag behind instead of changing at the beginning of the pattern where the program change occurred.

Waiting until the end of a pattern before the program change takes effect is the intended behaviour. Lack of instant pattern change should be considered a feature request rather than a bug.

… unless I’m reading this wrong and you have other sequencers that send program changes when the pattern changes, and the DN is still lagging behind by one pattern? What are you trying to do?