Thanks for participating.
I would have liked to have heard some random LFO to reverb decay on the Sleighbell.

Also was waiting for the beat choppage to kick in. Might have been nice to slice the break up, assign to say 6 tracks, finger drum a beat in, then apply crossfader to slice on all tracks (or random LFO?)

This challenge seems simple but it really isnt huh?

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Sorry folks,

Spent about 3 hours last night trying to come up with something, nothing doing.

Having some pretty serious writer’s block at the minute, can’t seem to come up with any ideas for anything right now.


Hard to follow microtribe’s impression of an afx Christmas jingle

Think it’s easier to make a track if one first refrains from listening to any submissions

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Do youse want an extension or shall we call it done?

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I just stumbled upon this challenge, Im sampling a sleigh bell as I type this. Gimme like an hour


New Deadline March 1st.
Bonus points for hats still apply…

@Claid, @Fin25, @CountedSorrow @DimensionsTomorrow @any one thats interested…

Still time to join in.


I might give this a go with the new SP404.

Still a bit unclear on the rules. There’s no automation on the SP, so as long as it’s drum samples, anything counts?

Not quite.
As long as there’s a sleigh bell in your drum pattern.

Correct, no automation allowed. But Random LFO is allowed.


Good thing about the deadline because what I just made was total crap. :smile:
I thought I saw something somewhere in the thread about percussive or noise loops, are those allowed? If not, then where is the line drawn? Is there a sample size limit? I haven’t seen anything said about envelopes either.

The challenge I am putting on myself is to not run a sequencer at all and play in the whole performance, so being able to use a loop would help a lot. If it’s a loop of my own creation that doesn’t use automation and I resample and chop it up, that’s fair right?


Deadline extended! Can I rework my entry? If not that’s fine, rules are rules. That way I can get on with other things, but given the chance I would submit a better take than that piece of crap I posted under deadline last night…

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@antgrallen Sounds fair to me. As long as it meets the conditions of the challenge. :slight_smile:

@ViolentMeals quick, delete your earlier post! We’ll all look the other way :wink:


Ok! I slapped something together for this challenge! Very simple – just a chopped-up sleigh bell loop mangled with Data Bender (some parts ended up sounding like… crickets?) and a 1-bar pattern from AR (no trig conditions or p-locks!) with manual muting and unmuting of tracks. Also, the AR got totally murdered by the Bastl Dark Matter. All sound adjustments were done by hand with knob-twiddling.



Any one still interested in this? If not I’m just going to let the thread fade into obscurity.

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Oh cool! A great opportunity for me to put my WMD percussion modules to proper weird usage.

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The longest challenge ever :wink:

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Sorry, I’m out of this one. Too much stuff on my plate. Apologies.

Then what happens to the series of challenges?

I apparently don’t have a creative bone in my body anymore. Zero desire for music these days. Sorry to flake on it, but I can’t force it if it’s not there…

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I’m closing the challenge. Will make another thread so we can vote and choose a winner.
Thanks all.


Bump: times up.
Go here and vote for a winner

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