OP-1 Discontinued?


or is it Officially Paused


Saw the Simon the Magpie video about this. Something about the screens no longer being available? Could explain why the OPZ uses an app for a screen?


Could be a period (2019) of OP-Z focus and a (2020) OP-1 rethink …

could mean we might not see an OP-1 OS that integrates in profound ways with a connected OP-Z -> instrument transfer, kit transfer etc


Time to pour a 40 for the homie.


They better fix mine the bandits…


i presumed they’d stopped it , no more manufacture , and presumably no more os updates.

perhaps the only way to stop the endless request lists that persist for every synth these days… being up front.

though it perhaps also means no more bug fixes… there comes a time when it has to stop and its time to move on.


Anyone knows if these are available anywhere in EU?


Makes sense, its initial release was 2011 so its been a while. They probably need to use some of the resources to improve any problems with the OP-Z or work on updates.


The Opz is nice…but the form factor not for me. Must look for an OP1…


they are very different though, I dont think one replaces the other.


I’m curious - has there been an official announcement? I was under the impression TE could just keep cranking them out and they’d sell like hotcakes.


Nothing official from TE but there are updates on people from reddit r/op1users


There’s this

And these say they have some


Make a MK2 with pressure sensitive keys, more modern chipset and some new synth engines and it’s an instant victory.


Behold they are working on an MK2 with a different screen… OLED most likely as the liquid crystal displays have been snapped up by Samsung and some other phone manufacturers…

and the frame will go from aluminium to similar on the OPZ… with updated processors and more cool gimmicks. You didnt hear it from me :kissing_heart: :wink:


The OP1 screen is already an OLED…


Sorry you are right … they have ran out of supplies because of Samsung etc in thenmonile phone mkt but will nonetheless be at least as good as… and cheaper to source

Edit: again take it with a grain of salt… is what I heard from a very reliable source. I should stop speculating :slight_smile:


Speculation mode on: yeah the mk2 will have an 8 track tape and stereo inputs.
Upcoming NAMM they show first prototype and in oct 2024 it hits the shops :slight_smile:


OP-1 mk 2 will come in the form of a BYOS module for the OP-Z


such a tragedy :frowning: