One Synth workstation that covers most bases

Any ideas are appreciated. Whats the best workstation that covers most synth bases. I know its impossible to cover the spectrum of Moog to Juno to OBX etc. But Analogue/Fm synth of most kind can get you ALMOST there. Is there one? I’m thinking perhaps the Yamaha Montage? But there maybe better. Any thoughts.?

If money was no concern I’d definitely get the montage, but the MODX would probably get the job done.

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What about Korg Kronos? … there are five different synth engines included and a hires sampler:

  • virtual analogue
  • FM (very flexible with the option to create user algorithms)
  • virtual MS 20
  • virtual Polysix
  • physical modeling “String” synth, which creates impressive mallet sounds as well.

I would say Omnisphere is covering a lot. Very good FX, all classical waveforms, good arpeggiator, ORB modulation etc. etc. Its even possible to do custom envelopes for the sound engine and FX.
(It also features HW integration, could be controlled from a Sub37 interface for example.

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