OMG, ist that true? No BPM control?

yes but the last ones was buried in sub menu i think, i don’t own one anymore

last digitone jam i just turned global bpm on, was annoying all those bpm jumps !!! tastes…

Both settings have upsides and downsides, but BOTH options are needed for different situations.

It makes no sense to put one option over the other. As I said, it should be up to the user to decide what he/she prefers in which situation. Simple as that.

I might be absolutely completely wrong but a theory I have is that Elektron wants their gear to be used like instruments in live performance. I think they don’t do bpm per pattern and there’s no song mode on DT because they want to have their gear out there seen as “played” and very much encourage hands on constant tweaking for live in the moment dynamic performances. I don’t think they want their boxes to just sit there on a stage, and be seen just sitting there… I think they encourage keeping your hands on them like instruments…

-Please note this has nothing to do with how useful these features are, and this is not me defending Elektron or saying that people don’t need it, it’s just a theory of what the reasoning is…

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Having it as a switchable option, like on the Digitakt, seems perfect.

I used to use locked BPM, but now I’ve chilled out, and started to realise the benefits of not being locked to BPM. But it really really depends what kind of music you’re making. Why not have the option?

If Elektron would look at it like that, and really prefer musicians using their gear live, wouldn’t that be quite a funny self-limitation, excluding masses of possible buyers and users? And if that was true, why would they stretch out to reach many more buyers with Overbridge in the first place?

I can’t imagine that the Elektron management is that short-sighted, while they in fact try to expand massively. So I think it would be in their best own interest to offer both options to users.

And by the way, for many musicians, live use and studio use are anything but mutually exclusive: normally musicians want to use great gear (like analog synths) both live and in the studio.

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Did you tried to function + bpm workaround ? You can launch the pattern change at the start of the 4 measures and Stil have Time to program the bpm change , release the function button when the pattern change and voilà you have instant pattern & bpm switch .but yes this is to be done live.

Oh I didn’t mean live vs studio, I think they want their gear to be played in the studio that way as well, and recorded like that… Just a theory, no big deal.
Any other reason is just as unlikely, I have a hard time believing their gear just can’t do it, seems intentional…

Perhaps the only intentional thing about it is, that it has not been high enough on their priority list, with lots of other things on their ToDo list as well? Maybe after Overbridge is halfway running smooth on the present device generation? We don’t know if they have separate team for hardware OS and software.

Whatever, users won’t stop asking to have both options available, and for very good reasons.

I would 111% approve of a per pattern/global bpm toggle…

It’s been like this since Machine Drum though… The little boxes get it so I imagine it’s here from now on…

Yes, the smaller machines seem to indicate, that they got the point of this user wish.

Thanks for the hint at the workaround: it’s useful to have the new tempo dialed in correctly.

Still, it can’t replace having both options available. Just one example: when I record, I just want to use patterns in the originally planned, appropriate tempo, without even thinking about it. It’s for a reason that Maschine and other groove tools offer that workflow.

There are been a few statements on the board about who does what at elektron and it seems they have a separate group for software development. So it should be safe to assume that there are individuals working on overbridge and other individuals working on the other issues that have arose I.e. Bugs.

There hasn’t ever really been per pattern tempo on the boxes until the new ones were released. I know I personally have a moleskine full of bpm notes for patterns on my monomachine. I bet a lot of elektron users have somewhere they take notes. If I had to guess its because bpm is controllable line by line in song mode. And the lack of song mode is probably why the digitakt and digitone have per pattern tempo as well as global.

Is it wrong? Right? Design flaw or intended feature?
I personally couldn’t say

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It’s no machine killer, but for some purposes it is a completely unnecessary stumbling stone, disturbing workflow. It’s definitely rather a liability (in the sense of an unnecessary limitation) than a feature. So why shouldn’t it be fixed?

I’m all for a toggle which I think we can all agree would be best, having a choice…

But just for reference if Elektron machines “only” did bpm per pattern, I wouldn’t use them.
Not that this would happen, but just using it to describe a use case.
For my improv jams I need to be able to change to any tempo and still select many or hopefully any pattern on the machine. If tempo wasn’t global I wouldn’t be able to freely improv, I wouldn’t know if my tempo would change if I select a new pattern…

It’s funny, it’s kind of opposite for me. People who need bpm per pattern need to take notes to remember what tempo to set when they switch to it, for me if I only had bpm per pattern I’d have to take notes of what all the bpms are to know which patterns have the same bpm I’m in to switch to, and I’d only be able to use ones in the same bpm… :smile:

I need both, depending on actual context, just like you and probably many others.
I wouldn’t want it exclusively the other way round either.


I need both too. So strange for a new user can’t store BPM with every single pattern.
:frowning: oh God Elektron, listen our words and help us with a update!!! :slight_smile:

Go look at the new Rytm OS update there is BPM per pattern now. :slight_smile: Analog Four/Keys 1.40 & Analog Rytm 1.50


LOL @ these threads

First the “what? no MIDI out” thread got killed and now this :laughing:


Addressed in the 1.50 update