Octatrack vs Digitakt vs Model:Samples


As an Octatracker one can read the manual over and over for years and find and explore new things. Having an OT for a few years when DT launched, reading the Digitakt manual I felt like I understood the device in one read. The Model I could pretty much understand through osmosis of the PDF being on my IPad…

Which one of those is preferable is completely a personal decision to make and there’s no right or wrong and certainly no consensus…


This is basically why Elektron stays in business.


Digitakt makes more sense for a faster organization


IMO although they have certain things in common (especially the sample thing, obviously) these are very different tools for different purposes.

I like the DT as a drum sampler counterpart to my original MD (never did get a UW). But the lack of stereo and my urge for working with some longer material, capturing loops from the modular, etc. has driven me back into the OT’s arms as well. Very different tools.

Every Elektron instrument is a deep and complex tool that rewards an investment of time. Mastering any of these is still easier than mastering the trumpet.



model:samples “keyring edition”