Octatrack Tips & Tricks (OT Tips)

Use the amp envelope on thru tracks, place trigs, chop stuff up, plock the shizzle out of it, use TRC.


1 demerit for “shizzle” :wink:


Fo rizzle?



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I’m far too old to use such parlance in anything other than inept irony. :wink:


In the audio editor, the level button toggles follow playhead??? Whoa


Nice! Tested and approved! :+1:
Did you find it ? I didn’t find it in the manual.

I guess you mean Level knob push ? Not sure of the best way to call it.


I stumbled upon it by accident last night.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure how to call it.


2023., and this thread is still relevant.


And what does this mean?
(Away from studio at the moment)

Damn, that’s a new one for me. It is not in the manual, nor in the “readme” files of bug fixes or changes.

Pretty cool, although I can’t figure out how to take advantage of it. I found out that it works best in the context of adding slices while the playhead is moving, but it gets a bit clunky after a slice is added. A slice is selected after it is added, and “add new slice” is not available during this selection. I have to move the playhead manually to deselect and press LEVEL to follow again, before I can add a new slice.

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That after pushing Level knob, AED waveform display follows the playback position. Normally the display is static. Usefull for long samples.


simple tip, so obvious, but obviously not for me. saw this a while back…and this sped up slicing for me…SO MUCH faster, and I always managed to fuck shit up when I tried to manually slice. thanks Rick

[starts at right time]


I like to use pickup machine as kind of a quick and dirty way to make sample chains. I set a machine to a specific length and to overdub, and I record little snippets of things, filling up the silent space as needed. I then take the loop, edit it as needed, and slice it as appropriate.


Nice… Never tried it.
Trigs: normal trigs or trigless?
Use TRC? What is it?
Sorry for the (maybe) stupid questions…
I am getting to like my OT more and more.

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Trig conditions.


A convoluted way to undo overdubs with pickup machines:

  • Save the current loop (FUNC + REC3 -> Save this recording)
  • Overdub
  • To revert back, load the previously saved sample to the pickup machine’s track’s record buffer (pickup machine in track 1 uses R1, track 2 uses R2, etc):
    • Select the record buffer
    • Use the right arrow to navigate the file manager
    • Find the sample and load it
  • Overdub
  • Repeat as needed

Some caveats:

  • Loading a sample to a record buffer will stop playback of a pickup machine.
  • As far as I am aware, there isn’t an easy way to access the list of flex slots from a pickup machine track like it is possible from a flex machine. You can double tap on SRC, move to FLEX with the up arrow but do not press YES, use the right arrow to navigate to the flex sample slot list, move to the record buffer with the arrow keys but do not press YES, use the right arrow to go to the browser, find and load the sample with YES, then press the NO button to exit from everything.

I think your post itself is a neat demonstration that should be moved to the OT Feature Request thread asking for an undo function :wink:


Because this also works in the SLICES screen it allows a great way to throw in bookmarks/markers when listening to long audio

When you hear a good bit just double-tap YES (adds a slice)

EDIT: hmm… if you want to add several ‘bookmarks’ you’ll have to give the Level knob a twist after adding a slice - otherwise the options are contextual to the last slice made…


Does the OT now have lazy chop??