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I think it’s about time a manufacturer brought out a sampler that utilises FPGA converters that allow users to choose what flavour of sound they would like. Lo-fi has enough popularity that I think it would be a worthy marketing point, as well as adding versatility and making for a very cool instrument.


The lo-fi effect in the :elot: is rather good in my opinion even with having fond memories of the sound of hardware samplers in 90s.



In addition to these it would be great if a fifth option could be added for only trigless trigs. An example of where this can be useful is for triggering an amp or FX envelope for track pattern without restarting the sample, and also vice versa for when you want to trig samples without also retriggering the amp/fx envelope.

You can fire off trigless trigs manually with Func + 9-16, which gives you some ability to trigger big risers without needing to ride a scene fader or parameter knob, and is very handy in live situations where your hands and the scene fader might be busy with other things. I’m able to utilise this somewhat currently for things like a pickup loop track, but for anything that has sample trigs on the sequencer it’s not ideal because I can’t seperate sample trig with trigless trig events.

Hope that makes sense, I think it would be a nice simple addition for future firmwares.

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My number one feature request !
IIRC someone from Elektron said it wasn’t that easy to be able to change RLEN max values.

There is also the workaround to set length with Reserve Length, but it is not precise (unit is seconds) so you can’t apply a slice grid after without audio editing.

Another workaround I found is to use several recorders and scale. You can use 2 recorders and scale 1/2 to record 128 steps for instance.


I wish the OT would remember the horizontal zoom level for a sample in the audio edit screen. In particular when looking at slices because it zooms in to one slice every time which I find to be a bit of a pain.


I wonder if the playhead toggle I found would work for this.


I want a flexthru machine that acts like a flex track but has a dry wet knob to listen to thru on the same track. Would free up so many tracks because currently you basically need 2 tracks to do this for each input.

Not sure if they’d have the know-how to actually nail it. Most of the designers of the Octatrack have left the company by now, is what I’ve understood. Octatrack II might be too much of a niche gadget to justify all the R&D needed.
If they ever do though, they’ll have my money.

a very simple request that could probably be implemented:

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 11.22.59

being able to lock projects, would save a lot of frustration.

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OT project files have this property
Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-13 um 05.17.42

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Cool…but you can’t access it from the OT itself, right?

Right. Project Files text have to be edited.

Could you elaborate ?
You can use Save As New in order to keep a particular version you can recall after.
If you oftenly loose your stuff you probably have a workflow problem.


Where’s that screenshot from?

It is a teaser for @Shredrr’s Octatrack software editor…:wink:


I see.

Well, there still is a chance of forgetting to save as new. And if you have a complicated project messed up it can be frustrating.
But if it’s write protected there is one less thing to have to worry about.

oops. indeed. Was a freud’scher screenshot. Its called Octobus and there is not much to find in the net as it is an unexpected ton of work to get it right. Will let anyone know when party time is close.
And yes the property WRITEPROTECTED is part of any 1.40A Project.work/strd file, not avilable in Octatracks submenus unless i’am blind and did not find it yet. What i can not tell you as of very now is if that writeprotection includes all banks, arrangements and so on or just the project file itself.

For those interested in “backup” your bank files always save actually 8 parts not just 4, where the latter 4 parts are overwritten by the first 4 as a backup to recall. you likely encountered that option and dismissed it not knowing what to do with it. So if you start to use that feature and save your parts intentionally with name you have something to go back to right build into the OT. But that does of course not include pattern itself and also not your wave files or arrangements.

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I’d appreciate a lock option as a creative restriction - for productivity

When I’m supposed to be adding other stuff over the OT & want to avoid the temptation to start messing with the project (for the next few hours probably)

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The problem is if you save it after you messed it up. Otherwise you can reload saved state. Ok you have to save the project before, but it is not more complicated than lock it…
So if you suffer from compulsive saving after project messed up, use Save As New.

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True, but still probably happened to many of us before.
I’d like a lock like on other Elektrons.

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As it seems almost there, you can ask Elektron (feature-request@elektron.se) or wait for a software, or just edit files yourself, with a computer or a usb connected smartphone. I am curious if write protect works btw…

Edit : I tried it :
Project Write Protected

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