Octatrack : Simple midi foot control without Breaking the Piggybank

Hello Elektronauts,

I’m piking up on the guitar again, and integrate it into my performance. I would like to be able to switch parts using my feet(nothing fancy). I have looked a several tutorials in Your Tube, including one from legendary Cuckoo, and this other from Andrew Newman (very friendly you tuber). Both tutorials involve you getting expensive midi hosts, plus a foot-switch. almost $400 total cost

So this is why I’m here, I wonder if there is a more affordable solution out there, that I’m not aware of, any advice in this regard will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you!

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Ok, so I haven’t done this setup, BUT the Behringer FCB-1010 is pretty much the cheapest foot controller out there (around $150) https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FCB1010--behringer-midi-foot-controller-fcb1010

It can be fully programmed on the unit itself, but I use a program called iFCB https://download.cnet.com/iFCB/3000-2170_4-126021.html I think it’s like $10 or $20 for a full license.

I used it to play notes on a Minitaur, but I know you can send CC as well.


You mean OT Parts or song parts? Anyway it’s better to switch OT Parts with patterns.
So you’d need something sending Program Change midi message. Many cheap guitar multi-fx can do it.

Personally I have a cheap Boss FC200 that does it really well, it also can send midi notes, Control Changes.

I recently bought a Yamaha MFC10, much better.

There are also very cheap DIY Arduino solutions.



+1 for a MFC10 (I have 2 of them), or any midi footcontroller that has switches AND a expression pedal. I have mapped the expression pedal to the OT crossfader. Very interesting to be able to introduce variations while playing guitar or bass.


Maybe a stupid question … but I didn’t find in the midi-control reference of the manual, how a Part can be changed by midi without changing the pattern too. Is there a way to do it? If yes, I would love to learn, how to do it … :smiley:

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No, that’s not implemented. It’s not recommended even doing so manually. Best practice is changing parts by changing patterns. Which can be done by midi, of course.


Thanks … so I’ll keep doing it the intended way :wink:

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Thanks! I meant OT patterns. You know the ones distributed horizontally in the triggs

Thanks, I will check on it, I wish it was a bit smaller though, but as I said before the price is my priority here.

That sounds great! what software did you use to do the mapping?

Thanks for the feedback!

Morningstar MC6 mk2, smaller and easier to program than the Behringer–costs a bit more, but does much more as well. Can be powered by USB, uses both USB midi and DIN midi.
2 expression pedal inputs.

Morningstar MC6


No software is neccessary to program the MFC10, just assign CC48 to your expression pedal.

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Thank you Mr. Roadmoviemusic!

What about to change patterns in the octatrack, not program necessary also?

No, not neccessary indeed.

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Thank you, Mr. roadmoviemusic but!

It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this device will do what I want, just like that out of the box, without me any kind of programming? Could you please confirm?

Yes I confirm that you don’t need any software to program it, it’s a standalone device that has been around for ages. You program it in a very simple way using the front panel. Not available new anymore, I believe but you can find them quite easily on the used market. The Behringer doesn’t need any software either, but it has less possibilities IIRC.

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I also confirm MFC10 is pretty easy to program. Edit : program changes are already avaible, just choose their number in the Program Change mode (normal mode).

Concerning FC200 : no need to program Program Changes either.

This one is pretty cheap and compact. Additionnal exp pedal possible.

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Cheap-o DIY solution needs a computer tho and a bit tinkering

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Oh that one is nice size wise, very nice looking. Mr. sezare56 thanks for the contribution. this post came out good! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Mr. Nad-RON I will check too!