Octatrack samples where from?

Hi, been looking around where to get samples from. Elektron, loop masters a few others. However I never really see people advocating them. Threads tend to consist of “you can use loopmasters but I don’t use them. “Etc
I don’t mind paying or free just wanted to know from people who are producing music. What they use.
I tend to use my own synths and mangle them further.

Vintage drum machine samples, tiny snippits from 80s pop songs, little recordings of my own, synth parts I’ve sampled on the fly, field recordings, lots of things really. I used to try to make everything myself but sometimes it’s nice to mangle something from a pop song into something unrecognisable.

I don’t think you really need to pay for sample packs, but the Elektron ones sound pretty nice if you’ve got a very specific genre in mind. I personally prefer to treat sampling more like foraging, where I look everywhere for interesting sounds and try to melt them together into something interesting, but that’s maybe a more avantgarde approach.


Sample anything and everything going. I have my mixer set up going straight into the inputs of the octatrack to get sounds from effect processors.synths.field recordings.short wave radio. Anything can be mangled with the octatrack.the problem is most sample packs have been used a thousand times,so to stay original be original


The biggest benefit of the Elektron samplepacks is that they come with projects that help give you ideas/tricks for scenes and arrangements and what not.

There are plenty of other places to get samples. Samples from Mars will give you everything you could ever need as far as samples go- Holiday special will probably cost $40 for everything.

iOS apps, VSTs, Spotify. The Octatrack can make everything from everything. The only think you’d really need is drum samples I suppose. Maybe a field recorder.

But the Elektron soundpacks are cool- just focus on what you intend to get from a sample pack


I’ve had some of the Loop Loft stuff sitting around for awhile. Making OT chains and slicing gave them totally new life. I’ll often sample drummer friends of mine too. “Play some linear phrases!” I’m sure they love me.


Thanks guys some great replies. These are more what I’m interested in. Might try get myself a field recorder.

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I use a lot of samples from mars , good prices and they often update packs
Mostly drums ,vintage synths and some found sound stuff


…what are we talking about here…making music or puzzling around?
prefab sounds for an ot!?..sounds pretty sense and clueless to me…



Depends on your goal. If someone wanted a collection of 808 samples, for example, I think it would be crazy to expect them to get one, spend days sampling every sound through outboard gear, then cut all the samples when they one could buy that right now for like $30.

My company OctatrackOptimisedSamples.com specializes in samples that are custom-designed for the OT circuitry utilising advanced IC modelling techniques.

You can either email me a single sample and I’ll process it for you for €10 per 15 seconds, or alternatively, for the same price, I can send you a pack of 16 samples hand-chosen by my engineering team, selected in response to your providing a single ‘suggestion word’ - which could be, for example ‘damp’, ‘lush’, ‘crunchy’ or ‘bohemian’.
Rate is €30 if you provide 2 suggestion words.

I have a limited special on at the moment which is a unique 1,200 sample collection that I’m selling for €1.2million called ‘all the samples you’ll ever need in this life and infinitely thereafter’. The offer closes on the 20th of September and is a single limited edition, personally signed by mokomo.


Samples from mars…for 100 usd you can get their ENTIRE catalog…definitely worth it for price to quality content ratio…


Bought ! 1.4M :heavy_dollar_sign:


I already bought a few sound packs… but in fact, almost never use them.
I think I prefer to design sounds myself, or capture them in the street. This way they mean something to me, they are bound to a time and a place in my life.

Anyway, what you put in the OT is so different than what you put out… only the latter really matters I guess.


You can find a massive amount of free samples at MusicRadar btw-

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Thanks Sezare, I appreciate the purchase.

Your unique USB stick, complimentary water colour artwork and lifetime support certificate will be sent by courier as soon as your funds have cleared. Please wire directly to my estate agent.

I am already working on the October package; 1,200 unique recordings painstakingly captured from Shanghai to San Francisco to Sligo - interested parties should get in touch before the usual rush. October will be a distinctly marine and maritime special.


When I start my sample business, I’m getting you to write the marketing copy.


Adult movies, flatulent children and TV preachers are some of my favorites. whosampled.com is a great source of inspiration, too.


Sounds like you might benefit from my Platinum Lifetime Select Program.

A simple €2.0 million one-off payment and in return you get a lifetime subscription, full support and up to 1 hour per month personalized criticism over Skype of your mastered tracks.

A premium 365 days a year service; until either my or your certified date of expiry: I provide a 72 hour turnaround on-request service supplying up to 64 samples (one shots, loops and fills) in any genre, meticulously retrieved from my extensive archives in any format of your choosing.

I have limited this to a maximum of 10 customers to ensure I don’t dilute the offering.

There are still some slots available.



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