Octatrack - sample editing

Good morning all, I am new to octatrack and hope for advice here😀
I am using octatrack, and triggering 2 or more samples through the same track.
When wanting to edit these samples one of them will already be in the sample editor, but I can’t figure out how to switch to the others?
Thanks you

The sample editor will default to the sample assigned to the track in the Part.

I’m not sure how you’re triggering two samples - pkock, manual triggering - but there can only be one sample ASSIGNED per track per Part. This is what the sample editor should defaultto.

To edit another one you’ll just have to manually select it and edit.

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Hold the trig and turn the level encoder to switch samples. You can only trig one sample per track per step.

You can’t open it in the sample editing view without going back into the sample select view for flex machines.


Thank you guys, stupid zen that hit the nail on the head, special thanks to you

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this thread seemed ok for this question.

on a mac/pc , are there any tools that would interpret markers in a sample file and turn them into slice markers when dropped onto octatrack. , e.g using audacity etc.
a nice bassline and i want to turn each note into a slice so i can easily trigger them separately.
or do i need to do this on octatrack screen / split it up and use octachainer to put them back together.

or get octaedit which i assume can do this,


What are we making assumptions on/about?

check out octachainer: https://ticticelectro.com/2017/08/26/octachainer-v1-3/

I’m about to experiment w. it - think it requires you to split by marker into separate files then recombine & copy audio & meta files to the OT but that’s good for me.

btw - can you add markers with Audacity?

today’s assumption is tomorrows feature request :grin:

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Might be yesterdays functionality… :wink:


Basically adding slice markers to an audio file on each note using a tool on Mac / pc / iPad app. Similar to warp marker in ableton .

I’m using octachainer but it relies on individual files.

Maybe I have to do it on octatrack itself.

oh yeah - I create the markers in Amadeus (a fairly obscure mac editor) - which can split the file on markers.

I use Samplitude for split.
Wavosaure can do it, free soft.


How do we know each note? Timed, transient?

+1 to Samplitude
Octachainer also.

I’ll have a look at the suggested software , is be happy to place the markers myself and not on the octatrack screen.

anyone using a sample editor that can make things loop … overlap the sample / fade in / fade out, make a longer sample shorter and loopable ?

i swear i had things to do this on pc many years ago… probably soundforge…

ive been looking for one in which i can define the tempo and have a grid based on that…instead of time/samples/ms etc , so far audition is the only one i found… (mac).

For Octatrack use ? No overlap, no loop points compatibility if you make reference to Acidized files (Sound Forge).

Wavosaure has many functions.
I can do all you mentioned in Samplitude, bought by Magix, who bought Soundforge.

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can Recycle do this? sry I no longer have a copy

Hi y’all!

I’ve got my Octa about a week ago and after few days of fooling around with it I begin to wonder how good is Octatrack’s sample editor or does many users use external softaware to edit their samples? So my actual question is: does fade in/out apply sliced samples tool? It would be nice feature for a slicing breaks etc. when slice as a whole can bring some unwanted “swing” etc. in the mix.


Its pretty damn good once you take the time to explore and learn. Flex machine audio editor differs from static machine audio editor. As does recorder track audio editor. But you can do some very fine tweaking there. Applying fades works fine, it applies a liner fade to what ever area you have selected.

I dont use software any more for editing samples personally, I do it all in the octatrack.