Octatrack + retrokits rk-002 cable = poly synth


retrokits rk-002 cable in combination with the Digitakt.=poly synth

Im wondering cable can be setup to do similar with OT

Polyphonic Digitakt via Retrokits RK-002 cable?

You miss the controll all function so it would be a bit tedious to program. But it would be possible other than that :slight_smile:


Quite sure. I should receive mine, will confirm.
It worked for me with Midipal (Midibud).
The principle is to split midi channels for each note. There are different modes with Midipal.
Don’t know Retrokit script yet, but now you can write / edit scipts.


Control All is nothing compared to Crossfader Control. Send a CC48. Done.
You can add Control All to OT setting all tracks on the same channel.
DT example unfortunately, but I tested it, works like a charm with OT, and you can add crossfader.


Not quite as hands on as simply pressing a button and controlling every parameter imho, but yeah that would work indeed :slight_smile:


Sure. I’d like implemented Control All on OT.
Available button combination :
Fn + Up + Down + Page + Tempo + Knob ! :smile:


Perhaps copy/pasting tracks would assist with this? I think it works differently than on the DT.

If you got a Goliath, perhaps you could assist with this? (Though, if memory serves the parameters are on different CC values)

Still a cool trick I’m currently enjoying on the DT is playing the Round Robin melodies with different timbres.

Edit: This with Scenes though would surely be insanely cool


I already can do that kind of things with Event Processor Plus. I hope I’ll succeed with Rk002 too.




I’m working with the Max for Live patch if that’s any different from how the cable works. but it basically just cycles around the available channels being sent out.


I do this in the video :slight_smile: lfo on sample slot for instance.


Any users of retrokits rk-002 cable with Octatrack --im very keen to hear if it worked out good?


Very keen to see your test results :slight_smile:


The RK-002 somehow slipped beneath my radar.

One of my upcoming project ideas is to create a 6-voice polysynth by combining my Volca Keys and Volca FM, but I’d been thinking that I was going to use the MidiFlow app on my iPad to achieve this. Both would be sequenced or at least MIDI clocked by the OT. Anyway, this cable looks like a preferable solution to making my cheap little polysynth.- given recent troubles in IOS land (the security issue in Apple processors including IOS devices, OS updates to slow down the processors, etc.).


(thankfully these haven’t made much noticeable difference, in windows nor macos nor ios - at least so far!)


Mine too - thanks for bumping this thread, I missed this great video until now. Thanks @DaveMech!


and I just ordered the magic cable :slight_smile:


Yes, it worked all good :slight_smile:


Any updates regarding using a RK-002 with the Octatrack?


Poly should already work with the RK002 Polymux script. I also wrote a script for slice control with midi notes, optimised by retrokits.