Octatrack Preset Banks / Factory Content


Hello folks, I got a used OT a few days ago and the factory content was deleted. I contacted Elektron support and Loopmasters, got the files from them and put the files to the CF card. I loaded the PRESETS set and PRESETS project. But all the banks except Bank A are empty, and the patterns on Bank A are the ones that were already accessible in demo mode. I was hoping to play some preset patterns that use Loopmasters samples too. Does the OT originally ship with just one pattern bank, or am I missing something here?


I also realized that the patterns in demo mode and the presets project are the same, but the ones in demo mode sound much louder. I checked main volume, individual track volumes and master track volume in both demo mode and presets project patterns, they seem to be the same. any idea what causes this significant volume difference?


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