Octatrack portable solution


Good news :elot: users out there that want a portable solution … I made contact with Caroline at myvolts / ripcord, and she kindly supplied me an early production 6v cable that plugs into a standard USB socket (with at least 2.4a output) and the other end into the :elot:

I tested this with a hub and all was well, apart from swapping the polarity, and so ordered this ANKER 26,000 MaH battery for £38 from amazon … http://amzn.eu/a7ebbX0, and all works perfectly for a mobile solution (it also powers my Nord Drum with a 12v cable they supplied to me) so am good to go :slight_smile:
Here are her contact details if anyone is interested …


Interesting. What sort of battery life times are you getting?


I haven’t had a full session yet, as the battery only arrived yesterday, but I’m hoping 4+ hours


This is very interesting! But what did you have to do to switch polarity?


I cut and swapped the cable round, but this was just a pre-production cable for the purpose of seeing what was needed for an OT cable that functioned properly. I think they’ll use this information to create a specific OT cable, and the final ones on their kickstarter site look really good quality !


I take it it’ll work with battery packs and things? Even an hour or two out of a a small battery pack would be great with an OT.


Yes, you can see which battery pack I ordered in my original post, it’s well priced, good quality, and hopefully will last a few hours


So you did! I currently only have a paltry 5,000mah battery (USB C quick charge though!) But that one you linked looks ideal.

This with a DT or OT is the question! Though the MPC Live is hanging on in there…


With the ‘released’ version they will be providing a polarity inverter. (and alternative tips)
It’s a very flexible solution , taking a while to deliver but looks closer now


Yes, that’s what they’ve just confirmed to me as well (about the tips etc)
I’ll let you know how long the OT lasts on my battery when I get a chance, but seems pretty hefty, so should be a while


Any further testing on this new system? This would be a huge boon, even if only for traveling on planes that don’t have outlets (most of them)


It all works, just need to test the battery life, but judging by first tests, I reckon a good few hours :slight_smile:
It’s a simple solution that I’m really happy with


Just found that thread looking for a portable solution to power my OT Mk1.
The Anker battery pack you posted is still available, did you do any long term tests with it?


I am using these for my OT mk1:
1 x DC Tip Adapter 2.1mm to 2.5mm
1 x Ripcord 6V c+ve

From: http://myvolts.com/page.php?xPage=MV_Ripcord
Working flawlessly

With this pack


Nice solution, but doesn’t need the Octatrack the 12V USB cable? You uses a 6V?


OT Mk1 runs from 6V. OT Mk2 needs 12V.

Thx @russv :wink:


Yeah, like @Schnork said OT MK1 runs at 6v. I have no doubt the 12v would work for mk2

Yer welcome @Schnork


Thanks @russv and @Schnork


Just look at this.


This one is listed as compatible with the Mk2: https://www.amazon.com/MyVolts-Compatible-Elektron-Octatrack-Sampler/dp/B077TVW85C/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=myvolts+elektron&qid=1561335159&s=gateway&sr=8-3