Octatrack portable solution


Compatible? With 12 volts * 0.75 ampers (9 W) VS 12 v/2a (24W) stock PSU?
I know what is DC-DC converters.
I know how does it works.
But… Time will tell.
In any case, it will be interesting to me to get an OT in repair damaged with such a cable. Note, the manufacturer clearly wrote: all guarantees are considered when working with powers up to 9 watts.
Even if the electron laid double power reserve in stock PSU, everything is about a minimum of 12 watts.
I hope all will be ok.


How long have you been using this bundle?
What is the maximum continuous session time tested?


I have used the same cable with my Octatrack MKII. I used a 20000mAh USB 5V 2.1A powerbank. It lasted between 4 and 5 hours. Without any troubles.


I built one of this dc-dc step up cable with this https://www.ebay.it/itm/Convertitore-regolabile-DC-DC-STEP-UP-MT3608-Arduino-alimentatore-5V-12V-24V-2A/223202385488?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649

It works on my digitakt , but my Octatrack MKII won’t start ,i think it requires more than 2A at startup (or my cable doesn’t output 2 A). I think I’m gonna try one voltage step up board that output 2,5 A instead of 2A.

This is my powerbank .


Parachute bags batteries : 10 hours autonomy! :content:


I have had it setup for about a month. I have run at least 2 - 2 hour sessions without recharge. So I am guessing i could get beyond 5 hours, but haven’t proper tested.


Hi, I since started using a PowerAdd pilot pro, as that doesn’t need an adapter, and I get about 3-4 hours use out of that.
The Anker was probably about the same


A word of warning: it’s quite dangerous to use a cable that is designed for max. 9W (see technical specs) with a device that may suck in a maximum of 24W (12V*2A)!

The danger isn’t about damaging the device, but the cable may go up in flames at any point …

So, yeah, nice that they advertise it as compatible, but from a technical and safety point of view it is clearly not compatible.


You made a good observation !
From Octatrack MkII Page 115: Unit power consumption: 7 W typical .
Maybe the Ripcord seem a bit borderline


I purchased a usb power bank and a myvoltz 12v Ripcord
I tested the OT for 4 hours and still have plenty of power left.
Now I can get out of the studio this summer!


I’ve tried 12v RipCord with A4MKI and I think it works. It powered on but didn’t check audio; however I also tried it with my ARMKI and the lights flash funky so not risking using it. RipCords are a good solution for my other synths that consume less power. I had reached out to myVolts and they told me same as above that they can’t guarantee consumption over 9W which is unfortunate.