Octatrack OS 1.40: bug reports

I want to know if this is a normal behavior?

When copying a MIDI Track (let say T1) in Grid Recording Mode, then pasting it to another one (let say T2), you have to press Yes to keep Chan, Bank, Sbnk and Prog settings of that MIDI Track (T2) otherwise, if you select another MIDI Track (without pressing Yes), it will revert to the Settings from the copied Track (T1).

I’m used to the DT way.

Edit : I wanted to Copy the Notes on the Grid only.

Yes, that’s different. With Copy Track you copy all settings.
But I didn’t know about that YES…:thinking:
Have to try…

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I learned it the hard way last night. I lost a beefy Patch on the Moog Sirin.

Feels like a bug, as Chan, Bank, Sbnk and Prog are track settings.
You might want to drop a ticket to Elektron support.

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Can you confirm this behavior with your unit?

Latest update 1.40

Is the OT backward firmware compatible so you can revert to previous firmware if you need to?

No, actually I see a bug but it’s display only.

When I paste a MIDI track, I see CHAN, BANK, SBNK and PROG titles displayed negative, same as when you change the value right before you hit YES.
But values displayed are zero. If I hit YES, I see no change.

If I hit a different track and come back, I can see values have been pasted.
If I just hit the track button, it works as well.

Of course if I edited the values, and press COPY before having hit YES, then changes are not copied.

So there is a bug indeed, just not the one you’re describing.
I tested this on a brand new project.
Btw, to see what I describe, one has to be on MIDI NOTE SETUP menu. If I do the copy/paste MIDI track, I see no bug.


Haven’t checked this YES thing out yet, but:

PAGE + REC = copy trigs for current page
FUNC + BANK (track trig menu) => FUNC + REC = copy all trigs


I didn’t know this, thanks!


Hello, not sure if it’s a bug on the octatrack or on the micromonsta. But on my micromonsta 2, I cannot move for programs to programs, it’s not linear at all, and when i select de fourth bank, the micromonsta goes weird with the name of the program bank. Could someone try to reproduce a program change with the MM2 ?

Thanks !

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Just an idea like this: now OT can send program change on MSB/LSB.
Could it be that CCs are inverted?

“BANK” parameter is MSB and “SBNK” parameter is LSB according to OS 1.40 release notes

An additional SBNK parameter is added to the NOTE SETUP (SRC) page on the MIDI tracks to make it possible to send LSB Bank Select messages.

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What are you doing on the OT when you say that moving programs is “not linear”?

What are you doing when you select the fourth bank? What do you mean by “goes weird”?

It sounds more likely to be a bug in the MM2: I recommend that you send an email to elektrosamplist@gmail.com

This seems improbable: the OT’s BANK and SBNK work fine with other gear.


I meant, in my dear friend’s mind :wink:


It worked for me from I previously tested. I used SBNK IIRC.
The MM2 has 100 programs per bank, program number is OT Prog Change number + 1.
I can check again later if it doesn’t work for you.

Edit : couldn’t resist. SBNK suffice, no need for BANK.
Bank 4-5 are for Combis.
C00A = PC0
C00B = PC1
C01A = PC2


I know with audio tracks it behaves differently than other Elektron gear,
you must go into the trig edit menu if you only want to copy across the trigs
otherwise it copies everything trigs and sound together unlike the other Elektrons how you copy sounds seperate. Maybe you copied the sound and trigs together ?

Edit: this is what I meant

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What os were they created with? My projects from 1.25e have been ok so far.

I was in GRM and used Func + Copy.

yep, that copies everything and copy track and will duplicate the whole track…
on the other machines that only copies trigs,

on octa you have to go into trig menu in grid record mode then copy to only get the trigs,
then it will say copy track trigs… bit different to the others

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Right now I’m in the Pros and Cons about using the OT as my Main Sequencer for my other Synths instead of DT.

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Let’s try to keep this topic dedicated to reporting and verifying bugs, please :thup: