Octatrack OS 1.30C is here


BlockquoteSure you didn’t place them before?

Yes Sure, and its repeatable. Every time I cycle on, I have to double check, there are no new unwanted recording triggs that mess things up.

Just found another one when I started to arrange patterns: Its not possible to load different samples in different Patterns on a flex or static machine. Lets say I have 4 melody samples named a,b,c and d, they should be played on track 5. So pattern 1 has sample a, but when I want to change that in Pattern 2 to sample b, its also changes in pattern 1 from a to b. So I cant place a,b,c,d on patterns 1,2,3 and 4. Really annoying and its impossible to do arrangements. Or am I missing something?


You are missing something. Samples and machine assignments are stored in Parts, not Patterns. It sounds like you are using the same Part for your two patterns


sure, load the sample to different slot positions, and change parts, you have four parts per bank. so you can have up to four different default samples loaded to a single machine. and there’s also the change per step.

on a different note, i found a bug in 1.25h, can anyone confirm if it is still there in the new firmware?
when loading a new sample from a different slot to a static machine, while the old sample keeps playing, it adopts the new setting for the sample volume from the attrib menu page. so if you have a new sample that is say +7db the old one starts playing 7db louder. happened to me last night in a club, took me a good minute or two to figure out what’s going on.


Oh yeah, you forget things when you dont work every week with this machines

thanks that helped, I thought it was the same as with dt.


Plate reverb bug happens on 1.25e for me so that’s an older bug they people can’t seem to replicate easily. But it’s def happened to me.


:thinking: sure?
Could you replicate?
It would be a known bug I think.

Just tried with 1.30B, same sample on 2 different slots with +12db on the 2nd one.
Patt1 Part 1 : Sample 1 on 1st step
Patt2 Part 2 : Sample 2 on 9th step
When I change from Patt 1 to Patt 2 I can hear the +12db only after 9th step. Seems normal.

Not sure if understood well you issue.


If you set Fx Page 2 GVOL to max, you have no Reverb, because Gate Threshold is too high.
Easy to replicate, doesn’t seem a bug.


ok, missed an important bit of infe. I’m using a one shot trig on step 1.
load song into slot a
load another song slot b, volume +12db
load slot a into static machine
arm trigger
while slot a is playing, load slot b. slot a is still playing, with +12db of sudden gain
hope i explained it better this time around :slight_smile:


Same track I guess?
VOLume or Attributes GAIN +12db ?

You mean you only change default track sample?

Edit : made another test.
One loop with 0db, armed one shot trig.
Change default track sample slot to another sample with +12db, no change.


guess i’ll have to upgrade the firmware soonish. been holding off till i can fix some faulty triggers - trig 1, that gets most use is one of them, since doing a lot of trig based edits can be tricky, and trig conditions is a lot of trig operation.

thanx @sezare56!


I’m not adjusting the gate volume. Occasionally the problem track will work after a reboot of my ot so I know this isn’t user error but an actual bug


Sorry I didn’t formulate correctly. I proposed a possible explanation, but maybe there’s a bug.
I only use Dark Reverb so I can’t tell if there are bugs with other reverbs I tested a few times.
Is there a topic about it ?


I’ve brought it up when other users have noticed it. I tried seeing if I could isolate it in a testing project. Seems like it may be a dsp memeory issue from what I’ve had but can’t come up with a 100% reliable way of getting the bug to mannifest hence why it’s been ignored. Best thing to do is just switch out the trouble sound for a dark reverb unless you’re trying to do gated drums etc. then you’re kinda screwed. :frowning:


Yesterday I used 7 tracks with Plate. Apparently no issues.
Anyway pretty easy to do gated reverb with Dark Reverb and plocks no ?