Octatrack not sampling audio

Hello everyone,
I am currently having this problem where the OT is not sampling any audio either from the external sources or from internal source. At times, it will sample, but the file will be blank but almost all the time, it will not sample at all. I have checked all the setting and it seems to be fine. Even when I am sampling, I can see the record icon for the track change to indicate that it is recording. Wanted to find out whether others have had this similar problem. Seems like there might be some defect with the machine, as it was working fine prior to this experience.


Are you using track recorders or pickup machines?
Recorder trigs or Manual recording?
Do you have any scenes assigned? Do you have parts assigned? Have you tried opening a new project and starting from scratch?
Have you checked input levels via monitor to make sure you have a signal path?

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I am using track recorders on flex machines. There are no scenes or parts assigned. I have opened several other projects with the same result. The input levels are fine and all the settings seem fine to me. Thanks.

I doubt there is anything wrong with the machine. I’ve had problems myself when trying to sample because I had a setting wrong. I think it would be helpful if you explained your exact set-up. Which track? What intputs are you sampling from? And what exactly is happening? Just your set-up and we can help better.

I am sampling from INCD. INAB and SRC3 are turned off. The TRIG is ONE2 and I am sampling to T5 on a recorder using flex machine. I really want to hope that I have a setting wrong, but I have checked everything over and over again.

Are you trig recording? Or manually recording?

Oh sorry, you said trig

When you hold down the trig, do the lights below the inputs light up?

I am doing manual recording using the REC2 button. Yes, the lights below the REC buttons light up when I hold down a trig.

The way I record manually…well…Try watching this video, following it step by step. It’s hard to troubleshoot this stuff over the interwebs.

Another idea would be to try setting up a new project, and start from scratch, if you haven’t already.

I created a new project and it seems to be okay now. Previously I just switched from one project to another and nothing changed. Perhaps creating a new project project fixes the bug. Now I have gone back to one of the other projects that I tried and previously did not record, but now it is able to record in the project. Really weird but thanks to everyone for helping.

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It’s not a bug. It’s a setting you have in those other projects. That’s why I said to try a new project. This part of learning the OT. Little things that take forever to figure out, but when you find that setting you will learn your lesson and check it first…Next time :sweat_smile:

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I guess so. Thanks for helping

NP… I hope you can figure it out quick. Maybe take a picture of all the settings with your phone of your new project and compare them with the older projects. Anyways, if you stick with it, it gets easier. Good luck.