Octatrack: Not in stock at Sweetwater

we have them here at www.altomusic.com too!


Thought the same initially, but the message said they should have them in a few days, so I made an order. They told me yesterday they’re back in stock and should receive mine tomorrow.

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is not left behind, a new update is coming apparently

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Source? Would be a nice surprise.

To answer the question about what would be mk3 requests:

  • Usb midi (and overbridge would be gr8)
    -all new fx, that sound less digital in a bad way
  • thats all folks. Its near perfect. Maybe some nice graphics.
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Im really sorry but i can find the post where someone, apparently from elektron, said that a new update is coming but he/she cant say when. I can’t be the only one seeing that post! Ppl help us here!


I’d be so pissed if a new one came out and I just purchased one. Those things are not cheap! lol

I personally don’t think a new Octatrack would come out, the mkII is as already been stated a facelifted and slightly improved mkI, I think that Elektron have shown us that they do not like to revisit or redo what they already did before (mkII concept aside) and I understand why and I’m quite glad that they continue to innovate and stay fresh, rather than selling incremental improvements every other year like for example Akai do.


Agree that the effects are lacking, especially compared to the digi series.

A word or 2 are missing? :smile:

14 different fx
2 fx per track, up to 8 Fx with neighbors, up to 16 with tricks
Master fx option
Fx send possible with Cue record.
External fx loop possible
Realtime sampling / mangling = crazy fx
Feedback possible
48 lfos

Filters, Eq, Comb Filters and Compressor are really good, delay quality is quite similar to Digis / Analogs. I prefer Analogs reverb, similar to digis.



I agree there are a lot of effects and most quite capable. Some of them, the verbs in particular seem a bit shrill to me, especially in comparison to the digi’s.

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Yeah reverb is not quite as good but flexibility makes up for it IMO. Dark Reverb is very good with a few tweaks


if only there was a second set of stereo outs and ins to wire the OT up with a top notch reverb, something even better than the A4/AR/Digi reverb


Cue works for this though

Good thing I realized my Sweet Care card doesn’t have enough on it…LOL LOSER IS I… but had enough for a MicroFreak for shits and gigs!


Or else?!?

Or else? Not following the question.

Or what?

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Or Where?

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great talk, everyone.