Octatrack: Not in stock at Sweetwater


Not sure if anything behind this…


They run out of OT


I feel like theres not. It seems to me like octatrack has been left behind software-wise. Unless they were going to rebuild it from the ground up or just discontinue it all together.

I dont really expect an mk3.


Figured as much but wanted to throw out…


It’s in stock at Sweetwater. Maybe they just had to update the stock in their system?


Also in stock at Guitar Center, B&H, & Zzounds. In case someone wanted to pick up a few.


We got them at Patchwerks in Seattle, WA!


What I do you want out of an MKIII? I just got one and while I know there are feature request threads, and I haven’t gotten super deep with the machine just yet… i’m curious what people feel they are lacking. Slight disclaimer it my 3rd of 4 Elektron machines so it does exactly what I expect it to. Disclaimer #2 I cut my teeth on 90s groove boxes so to me its quite the step forward.


The Octatrack MkII is currently in stock at Sweetwater.


The original Octatrack has been discontinued for some time now, so there should be no surprise that it’s ‘not in stock’. There’s nothing ‘behind this’ except reality.


MK2 Confirmed




Can only mean one thing: granular video synth.


Guess they got them in since I looked to potentially order on there.



You have the KOMA FIELD KIT?


That’s a negative :frowning:


we have them here at www.altomusic.com too!


Thought the same initially, but the message said they should have them in a few days, so I made an order. They told me yesterday they’re back in stock and should receive mine tomorrow.


is not left behind, a new update is coming apparently


Source? Would be a nice surprise.

To answer the question about what would be mk3 requests:

  • Usb midi (and overbridge would be gr8)
    -all new fx, that sound less digital in a bad way
  • thats all folks. Its near perfect. Maybe some nice graphics.


Im really sorry but i can find the post where someone, apparently from elektron, said that a new update is coming but he/she cant say when. I can’t be the only one seeing that post! Ppl help us here!