Octatrack mounts on iPad in iOS 13

I know DT is not a storage device, I was thinking that maybe the OS Itself would allow for other kinds of connections to be developed via independent apps… But probably not

Some nice stuff is coming to iPad I didn’t expect to be fair, you can use it as a native second screen with Mac, it’s getting support for PS4 controllers and mouse support too. Plus a ton more keyboard shortcuts and a lot of improved UI aspects. And a file downloader in safari finally. 0 complaints from me. I wonder if we’ll ever get more I/O via lightning cable/USB-C . You can do one stereo out from iPad to Mac but I’d like to be able to do the reverse too or track multiple instruments to DAW without a new interface

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Wonder if you can link mpc live and x upto the ios13 to transfer files

yes, im wondering too. maybe access to the sd card. i haven’t hooked my mpc up to a computer but if you can just access the drives without the software maybe it will work. would make things a lot easier

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If it mounts as a USB drive on a Mac or PC then yes.

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the lines between macbook and ipad will blur
apple is making new (and their own) chips for that

You mean with the exception of updates from Apple themselves, right? Their track record isn’t really the best … :wink:


This is cool, apple is doing a great job of integrating all of their devices into a coherent and actually useful ecosystem.

USB protocol is a long time coming, sheeesh!

Also cool, Ios apps on the MacBook. The modular experience of iPads music apps combined with the power of a full on computer, plus having a full on DAW. Could be fun!

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Have they bricked devices with updates before? Don’t think I’ve ever had any major issues aside from the odd bug (the time when Safari stopped working was pretty memorable :joy:)

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Yeah - let’s hope the AUv3 formats are compatible!

This is great news!

File downloader in safari? This just keeps on getting better.

I do hope they will also enable a way to insert new downloaded content into the iPad music library somehow. For many years, it has frustrated me greatly that I can’t just hit boomkat, buy a bunch of AIFFs and get them into my music libraries without having to use a computer for downloading & syncing the purchases. If they give us file download, at least I can buy music and listen to it via AudioShare, all just on my iPad.


Ha, I hate this limitation, though it bothers me less in these days of streaming. I always thought it was something to protect their iTunes revenues (by making it more convenient to just buy on iTunes) - maybe now they are moving more towards streaming, they might remove it?

There are other music players that can have their own library of mp3s though. I just use Readdle Documents for this as I don’t have many mp3s on my phone.

Purchasing from iTunes is not really a viable option for me (no aiff purchase option, investing into DRM-protected content is something I never wanna do again!). Apple should just give up on their music monopoly on iOS, more choice is always better for us consumers.

I still like to purchase my music files instead of streaming them. As convenient as music streaming is, its not a very flexible format for, say, DJing… And then there are those badass sony Walkman DAPs I’ve been GASing for some time now :nyan:

Purchased iTunes music has been DRM-free for years.

I would like to add my own music to the iPhone music app, or stuff I’ve bought from Bandcamp.

Totally agree, it’s a crap limitation and hopefully the shift away from their reliance on selling music via iTunes and instead to selling Apple Music subscriptions might mean they’ll open it up now as there’s less commercial reason for it.

On a side note I must confess for my minimal amount of bedroom and occasional house party DJing I use Djay Pro to stream from Spotify (plus a bit of vinyl)! Pretty handy solution if you only DJ now and then and don’t follow the music as closely these days. Obviously wouldn’t rely on it in a club and to be honest I’d like to buy the music if I was playing it regularly to support the artists.

Then why arent they selling AIFF? whack

how old is your ipad?

Huge files, huge downloads, lots of storage required, and probably 99% of buyers don’t care.