Octatrack mounts on iPad in iOS 13


heard that mouse is also now supported?

I think the mouse has been added as an accessibility feature, rather than a standard input device. Either way, if it works with all apps, it’s a good thing.


Which version of Octatrack are we talking about? The OG, the latest one or both?


Sharing same OS.


Any USB storage device should work, in theory.


im not sure digitakt is normal usb storage device , on mac/pc it needs the transfer app , it doesnt appear as a normal usb drive.


Ok, cool. Merci :slight_smile:


This has nothing to do with “a new transfer app”. It is simply for devices which support generic USB storage mode like thumb drives or the Octatrack and it is like using such devices with a “normal” computer (no special apps involved, just drag and drop stuff around).

None of the other Elektron devices support USB storage mode.




this is great news, thanks for letting us know!


IPadOS inherits the “no custom drivers” rule from IOS. So no Overbridge.


I have an audio device (steinberg UR one) that has its own app, so theres definitely options. It still has to run in class compliant mode though.

Overbridge is likely not possible, but being able to use something like heat as a 2in/out device would be seriously cool


If you have a Windows PC on the network you can use RDP to have OB on your iPad screen. Works, touchscreen included. The PC does the computing, the iPad is the interface. A workaround, but functional.


for now. Lets hope this might change going forward


It might simplify Apple’s development core if they just abandoned IpadOS right now before they go down this foolish path and just had one OS for their desktops and tablets; the new tablets are surely powerful enough.

Then Mac Overbridge should work on both.
Furthermore tablet apps would then work on desktops too.

I’ll write to Apple to share my cunning plan.




Yeah i know that , I was hoping that they would merge IpadOSos with OS X , as there were some rumors about that :sleepy:


The paradigms of the OS’s are radically different really. I don’t think they’ll ever merge the two as they see them going in different directions. If you are interested in these things, the latest AppStories podcast has a good interview with Craig Federighi from Apple talking about how they design for iOS vs MacOS. In a nutshell, the level of complexity for users is intended to be way lower on iOS - you never need to know about windows or multitasking if you don’t want to, for example, hence why it’s so young and old person friendly.

iOS is based on the same core as MacOS but they’ve chosen to restrict the security model a lot more, hence things like no custom drivers. Sucks for power users but I can see the logic for sure - basically you never need to worry that something you install could damage your iOS device in any way, whereas on MacOS a driver could in theory hose your system.

I wouldn’t get too hung up on the iPadOS name, in the podcast they discuss this and it’s mainly a marketing thing to show Apple take the iPad seriously and to let it grow into its own functionality, but it is still really just the same iOS as the phone at its heart.

Personally I’m quite excited to see where this goes, iPadOS shows they are taking iPad seriously and opening it up piece by piece. I am a software developer so will always need and love my Mac but I’m starting to see a world where everything I do at home (browsing, note taking, music making, photography etc) can be done on iPad without the restrictions which make me go back to the laptop.


I should add, I don’t think the fact that iOS and macOS will never merge should be seen as a bad thing. I think Apple are trying to figure out how to enable the iPad to do everything people love doing on the Mac, but they are doing it piece by piece and thinking quite deeply about each part so it fits the iPad paradigm. This can be frustrating but also exciting to see computing reimagined.

WWDC also reaffirmed their commitment to the Mac, and the Catalyst stuff will be amazing for the Mac - iPad apps can be ported with very little effort. Excited to see eg the amazing music apps on iOS also run on Mac! Ultimately I think they see both platforms containing to exist, converging where it makes sense, but also diverging where it makes sense.


It’s kind of insane that it took them this long to let the iPad support USB storage devices, better late than never though