Octatrack mounts on iPad in iOS 13


I have iPadOS on an old iPad for testing purposes (my job). I plugged an Octatrack into it today, using the official Octatrack USB cable, and a Lightning USB adapter. Success!

I successfully copied files on and off the OT. Things look good!


Oh nice!


That is amazing news!


Whatttttt I’ve tried this before, this is actually a game changer, I’m assuming this works on iPhone too then? Hyped




Is the OT IOSApp public?


It’s not an app. iPad OS will support USB storage devices by default.


12,99 on the App Store.

a complete Octatrack on IOS. :heart_eyes:


Finder on IOS. :+1::+1::+1:
Xbox and PS4 native controller support.


May not work on iOS13 for mobile as it’s a feature in iPadOS, but I don’t know for sure.


Overbridge for IpadOS would be awesome :grinning:


Goodbyyyeeee dropbox.


Certainly transforms the arduous process somewhat of transferring samples onto an iPad to use in an app.

Hopefully it won’t be clunky and require first mounting then copying from the usb storage into an app’s own files folder in order to make it a real advancement. We’ll have to see what app developers can do with this before getting too excited.

Also IAA is to be deprecated in iOS 13 …


all theyve done is open up os13 to usb storage .
reading compact flash card/usb drive with a standard format is nice and convenient , i doubt it’ll lead to any sort of upgrade to octatrack os , a magical speed upgrade to actual hardware in octatrack , etc etc.

the most that might happen is a developer writes an app similar to octachainer / octaedit .

its nice to have , will mean i use dropbox less , but not much else.
it shouldnt have taken apple so long to give access but at least its here.


What IOS version was that iPad running?


iOS 13 beta 1. Aka iPadOS


I have great hopes for iPadOS :diddly:

maybe finally we get more usability from our slates. the specs are there but apps lag behind due to OS-imposed constraints.

heard that mouse is also now supported?


do you guys think this might also open the possibility to a new transfer app for Digitakt?


That’s what I suspected but was looking for confirmation. Thanks!!!


I’m assuming this works on iPhone too then?

Not necessarily. Apple are separating the iPad OS from iPhone’s iOS in the next major release (13). The iPad is getting a lot of functionality that the iPhone isn’t, that moves it more towards laptop territory than just being a big screened phone.