Octatrack Mk2 frozen?

my octatrack booted up and is completely frozen. Can’t figure out whats wrong. Screen shows up but no buttons work.

so I discovered when the cf card isn’t in it works. Is there a way to recover the corrupted cf card? idk how to fix this

You may need to explain in more detail what’s happening. One thing I thought about immediately was that you could get a CF card reader, or maybe you know someone who has one, and open up the drive on your computer and maybe see whats happening.

Yes. I thought about this too. When the CF card is in the octatrack it’s frozen and none of the buttons work. When the card is out it works fine. I also did the empty reset in hopes of fixing things but it did nothing. Hopefully my projects and tracks haven’t been wiped. The definitions of what that does that I read have not been super clear about what the reset does in the FUNC menu.

I also have no idea how to check on a CF card or resolve that issue

Might be best to open a ticket with Electron support.

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There is some suggestion that there was a bad batch of cf cards that shipped with the newer OTs…

Is your OT pretty new?

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yes its the new black edition. I’ve been using it for a while now and no problems until now.

Usb connected? (common freeze reason with mac computers)

Midi connected? (loopack can cause freezes with wrong settings)

neither : / just froze

Get a new CF card in it.

My shiny new black one did this Friday. New CF card and it’s happy again.

Highly unimpressive on Elektron’s behalf though; when you buy something for that much money you’d expect all supplied components to be good quality. :man_shrugging:t2: