Octatrack MK2 field report after 1 year of use (buying advice)


Helpful and fair review, thank you!


I’ve been wondering why they didn’t increase the ram and rom in the mk2. That was an opportunity to increase the longevity of the machine right? I’ve read in this forum several times about how the mk1 was nearly maxed out bc of this.


This would probably have required substantial changes to the PCB(s). It’s not likely that there would be a RAM chip with more capacity that fits in the same footprint with the same pinout. Even spec’d as it is, it takes a lot of work to hit the RAM limits per project. Looked at as a whole, I don’t see why the OT mkI / mkII has a limited lifespan. The only thing that could possibly limit that is some other wonder-device that comes out (either by Elektron or some other company). Even if it had a lot of OT-like features, it still wouldn’t be an Octatrack.


I will say, If Push 2 was standalone…

parameter locking might actually be more robust on Push 2 tbh. But still isnt as immediate as OT


If it works, it works. If Akai could reissue the mpc 60 or even the mpc 3000 I’d have one. That thing is far more limited than the Octatrack. It’s not always about cramming more features in every time.


Hence my joy at discovering the DJS1000


My :elot: MkII is getting more and more use as time passes…
Probably my favourite :3lektron: of all time.

I owned:
-:cb: ( guess which one ist it ?! )
All sold.

Still own :key: and will always have an eye gasing on :elmm:

Long live to the :elot: !


The Elektron Cowbell?


Thx for the very good 1 year review. I owned an OT MK1 and later an OT MK2. I love the OT but was a little bit disappointed that MK 2 was only a cosmetic update. No changed or new functionality. It also seems that Elektron change to the cheaper level of instruments like Model S.
Aktual I use in studio and live the OT with DT, TB Bass line and Moog Sirin. No combination with the computer.
On the Computer I use Ableton with Push 2
but the OT Setup makes more fun if you perform. Only standing behind the Mac Screen
is less of interest for your audience than act on the machines. F.e. see Dataline.
Hope that Elektron comes one day with a real new OT MK3


That wouldn’t be a MK3 but the Octatrack 2 :slight_smile:


Nope. The Hexadecatrack : 16 audio tracks, 16 midi tracks, 16 inputs, 16 ouputs. :loopy:
“Only” 8 inputs and 8 ouputs would be great. :content:


Screensaver included Sir !


I’ve had mine for 3 months and I’m trying to sell it now. I don’t find it a headache to use at all. I spent under a week to learn how to use it. BUT I didn’t intent to use it for live performance or finishing songs on. I don’t even sample with it (I prefer to use Ableton for that and then transfer to OT), So I didn’t spend time learning these functions. I guess my intention was to use it for sound design, sketching out ideas and sending the outs into hardware fx. I find it quick and easy to acces samples, since I have them all saved inside one set that I just use for all my projects.
The effects are also quick to access, but I almost only use the filter and delay. I don’t like any of the reverbs. But it is what it is. Effects are just very important to the stuff I make. I rarely use all the lfo’s and the fader.
So I just ordered a Push 2. I loved it the last time I had one, but sold it to fund a DFAM. The Octatrack I don’t love. I don’t hate it either. I just feel neutral about it.


Seems like you bought the OT with no intention of using it’s key features. Into sound design, but didn’t use LFO’s or scenes? That’s odd. Don’t like the FX, but you want to use outboard FX anyway? Ok. To each their own, I guess.


I did. Personal experience is the only way of actually knowing. Everything else is just guessing and believing. We don’t have to try everything out in life of course. A healthy dose of common sense is good.