Octatrack Mk II and Polyend Poly 2 (transport sync issue)

Has anyone been using their Octatrack with a Polyend Poly 2 eurorack module? I can’t get mine to speak to one-another properly.

The clock sync going from the Octatrack to the Poly 2 works fine but the transport “start” message seems to be delayed coming out the Poly 2. I’ve got the clock and start/stop running from Poly 2 into Pamela’s New Workout for clocking the rack. So everything in the rack often (but not always!) falls out of sync by whatever PPQN setting I’m running. (And if I run at 1 PPQN then the clock takes a couple of beats to work stabilize.)

The Poly 2 start/stop works fine when synced from my keystep; the Octatrack similarly clocks my Intellijel uMidi without issue. So it’s definitely the Octatrack/Poly 2 combination that’s acting funny.

Any ideas?

A quick search on the forum shows that a few people are doing so.

I found only one topic that reported problems with Elektron gear and the Poly 2:

Thanks for the reply and linking to the search!
Looking through this, I can’t see anyone having the same issue. Will press on and update here if I find a solution.

I’m thinking about pairing the poly 2 with my octatrack. Did you get the two working together?

Bit of an obvious one but is your OT configured to send transport data?

Nope – didn’t get the synchronous stop/start message sorted. As noted above, once the clock starts, it’s solid, but the initial delay to the clock starting is unresolved. (Luckily for me I still have my Intellijel uMidi and some spare rack space, and that works fine for OT stop/start, so I use that for that function. Not an ideal solution, I’ll admit.)

In all other respects the OT/Poly 2 pairing is great (e.g. can send OT’s LFOs as CC messages to Poly 2, which converts them to CV; can also send parameter locked CCs for synced “custom LFOs”).

And yes to confirm I have the OT sending transport and clock data!

Cool, I have a uMidi in my rack currently not doing anything.

Using Octatrack LFO’s in the modular is my main reason for getting the poly 2 :+1:

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Any update on this? I purchased a Poly 2 so I could use the Octatrack sequencer with my Modular. Any info would be appropriate

Nothing to report, I’m afraid. If you come up with a solution I’d be grateful to hear it!