Octatrack Midi Clock + Vermona QMI

hey all -
using an octatrack + vermona QMI to sequence analog gear. working great, but having a slight problem that i can’t work out. i need the octatrack to have midi clock send enabled in order for the vermona’s divided clock outputs to run. this means the OT transmits clock continuously (unless it’s slaved to something else). is there any way to have it send clock only when it’s playing? or can anyone think of some other workaround? otherwise, i need to use up a channel on the QMI to clock analog sequencers/clock dividers, and i don’t wanna do that…
thanks in advance!

lots of modular gear can be clocked to audio pulses - just like a monotribe volca etc - if the audio is not hot enough, give it some gain ! - no need for a divider then !

Yup, I’ve head success with sending a kick out my Cue outs and boosting the gain. Works like a charm.
You could always invest in an A4 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hahaha, but then i have to give up one of my audio outputs! i want it all!
it really seems like there should be some simple way of sorting this out…

I’m interested in this as well. So the OT always sends clock instead of tracking the transport START and STOP buttons?

yep - clock running constantly !

Hmm that isn’t too cool. What kind of workaround do you guys do? The Vermona QMI has a reset input. Maybe I can figure out a way to reset it with transport controls.

just chiming in to say that the kilpatrick 1600 turns off the clock transmission when a stop message has been received. a nice update.

vasculator, was this an update provided exclusively to the Kilpatrick module or was this an Elektron OS Update?

I’m guessing you are referring to the Kilpatrick 1600. Would you be willing to post a video of it working with the transport controls? Something really quick and simple. That would be awesome! :smiley:

Yes I have the same issue…

and the fault lies with the QMI… there should at least be a jumper option to change the behavior so that a midi-stop message switches off the clock dividers.