Octatrack FX kick ass


Every time I set up flange and chorus I put an lfo on the DEL setting. It’s almost required lol


For the most part I agree, BUT I sample live bass guitar into my OT and use chorus a lot…slap an LFO or two on it and some cool stuff happens.

Also recorded live vocals into my OT and for the first time I found the flanger came in very handy


Agreed. The science lab and having most of my studio in a shipping container has me focused on only OT, DN, AH. I suspect I will be selling a few items when they arrive as I’m really enjoying this setup and going deeper on the elektron boxes. Agree the dark reverb sounds fine, the distortion is generally not to my taste.


Until this discussion I didn’t really dig into the reverbs on the OT , I don’t use the OT for that, but yesterday I played around a bit. My verdict has not really changed from my 1st impressions: “meh”. I came up with some cool stuff but that was when I started using LFO’s to heavily modulate parameters, and then some p-locks but even then the reverbs were very hard to control, especially to get the sort of graininess away, sounded like my guitar picking up EMF, I had to stop the sequence several times to check if there wasn’t a noise issue with my guitar and bass gear, and no, it was the reverb tail of the plate reverb. So well, I’m not impressed, it reminds me of the frustrating times of the early digital reverbs in the 80’s/early 90’s. I still have a Yamaha Rev500 lying around somewhere (will need to investigate), if I stumble upon it I’ll try a comparison, but the OT reverbs are definitely in that realm, not any better. I don’t know if the OT has some DSP headroom left, but it would be very nice if Elektron could improve upon this a bit. I have a Digitone too, which is incomparably better, reverb-wise.


I don’t think so, and I’d definitely prefer 2 octave up pitch!


You must find all of my favourite albums frustrating to listen to. :grimacing:


I was of course talking about the kind of gear I had access to, the SPX90 sort of budgets, not the 224L sort of budgets


The plate can sound pretty metallic (I guess that is the point) so you could try rolling back the high and low a little and increasing the mix level to compensate and remove some of the graininess, lets be clear it isn’t going to suddenly sound like Bricasti but you might find it sounds a bit more useful.
I think the reverbs take a bit of time experimenting to get the best that they can be, the default settings don’t sound good on anything IMHO.


Makes me want to make a DIY stereo plate or spring reverb. :slight_smile:


Oh man, just imagining what Jimi or John Coltrane could have done with an OT


That ikea one was pretty nice


I like the chorus, practically never use the flanger or phaser though. Where does one usually require these fx? Never recall working and thinking hmm this sound could do with a good flanging


Can be quite nice in hi hats


Haha! Same here. I’ve tried all the OT fx, but the phaser has never come close to working for me (no big deal) and the flanger has worked once on my own voice, sung into the OT. I setting it up fairly conservatively then used an LFO to SLOWLY modulate…depth, I want to say. Used the filter on the other send. It just created this doubling effect, really. Not the swooshy flanger thing. That sounds like I just described what a chorus does :slight_smile:
I dunno, it kinda worked on the vocal


Nice @tdmusic I’ll give it a go
@Snipecatcher getting my mic back after the weekend I’ve been meaning to mess with vocals in OT so I’ll play around with it


You’ve never tried putting a flanger on a synth pad? Or a drum part?


This one is so thick with phaser it’s responsible for the rhythm… Real gorgeous sound. It’s almost only phaser like anything could be playing it.

This is flange. It’s either on the pad or on the sequence, can’t tell cause I’m on mobile lol

A lot of those old string machines were always paired with a flange or phaser. Combine that with their unison and they sound gorgeous.


My flanger on drums reference, at around 7m : :wink:


Oh you can just go balls out and throw it on the Master (around 3:38)


Aren’t they dry drums? Great flange fx!
I heard (again) Elephant yesterday on my car’s radio, with great pleasure. :wink:


I think you’re right. I was just being dramatic for dramatics sake.

Great track. Im going to be that guy: their earlier work was better.