Octatrack FX kick ass


Which is perfectly fine by me: Cocteau Twins and MBV still sound great.



One would be hard pressed to find even a multiFX box that allows for the kind of control the OT offers over the FX, let alone one that included all the “other” things mentioned here.


I learn a lot from watching Samuel Andreyev’s channel, although he might be on the drier side of things.


Nah your English was fine, I was just making breakfast, listening to a podcast and reading the board at the same time when I read your post. All on me!

The funny thing is, I’ve used Spatializer in M/S mode to reduce the mid and boost the sides of the audio before it hits Dark Reverb when I use the cue/aux send trick for about a year now and I find it always makes the reverb sound wider, but I guess that must have been more of a spectral thing than an actual stereo imaging thing all along - lowering the ids before hitting the reverb must mean the dry signal masks more of the reverb in the middle than it does in the side because its presence in the reverb is less, so it creates an illusion of a wider reverb in the mix.


I just can’t get on board with this because I have a lot of cheap old effects units that “suck” and a few really nice effects (OTO BAM, Roland RE150 space echo, Otari MX5050 reel to reel for hi-fi stereo tape echo, Ibanez AD202…) and I find the bad ones every bit as useful as the good ones.

I’ve got an Audio Centron TFX 1-SP that I picked up for $12 shippeed on eBay a few years ago and I use it all the time. About a dozen of the cheapest sounding reverbs I’ve ever heard in that thing, endless possibilities.

I still maintain that the only truly bad effect is one that hums and even then sometimes it’s worth it.

I’ve gotten sounds from a casiotone through the OT chorus that are different from, but as nice to listen to as, my old Juno 6 (and with a much lower noise floor).


Can’t seem to get the balls out of my OT… And why are everyone else’s always a black or grey rectangle?:thinking:

Anyway, time for dinner…


This is great! My next project along these lines, as of a couple days ago, is going to be building a pair of cheap hydrophones and a small speaker inside a watertight plastic box, and then filling up my bathtub, putting a hydrophone at each end and the speaker in the middle, and seeing how it sounds as a reverb (output to an amp driving the speaker on an aux send, hydrophones on a stereo return). I figure between the resonance of the metal tub and the water slowing down the sound a lot, it should give me some pretty strange results. That video made me realize I should definitely make some kind of video tutorial/documentation of it when I do it. Should happen in a few weeks and I expect the whole project to cost about $20.


I’m with the kick ass crew.