Octatrack FX kick ass


No problem, I also misread sometimes, and there are limits in translation. Certain english expressions seem usually exagerated, like great, love, etc. French are always unsatisfied. :smile:

Test it!


come on, half of the fx on OT really suck. not that you can´t do cool stuff with them, but… come on ?
i hope i´m allowed to say that. OT is my only elektron machine and i´m a big fan of it :wink:


Rules of the OT #7: Thou shalt not use “OT” and “suck” in a single sentence.


i don´t care about OT rules. chorus and flanger suck BIG time compared to some cheap guitar pedal equivalents.
just my opinion.
thou shalt not care about other peoples opinion as long as they don´t hurt your feelings too much.
sorry. bless you.


“OT is my worse time suck, after Elektronauts.”


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Help, I’m surrounded by Sinners! Where is the OT inquisition when worst comes to worst???



OT is sorcellery. Burn it.


@sezare56 plays his OT upside down.


But did he also burn the manual?


some say he has eaten it … ?


My favorite FX set up for running a drum machine through the OT.

Trk 1 Thru - Lo Fi > Comb
Trk2 Neighbor - Flange > Delay (locked)
Trk3 Neighbor - Filter > DarkVerb
Trk4 Neighbor - EQ > Delay (no lock)

With that config you can create a vast pallet of scenes.


Shhhhhh Ron will wake up


He smoked it, and wrote Purple Haze…

Did you try to modulate their delay time with an lfo? You can also make a flanger with the delay fx.


the filter is great. delay is too safe.

at one time there was a phaser effect that was proper manic! really great feedback effects and that…

do you lot remember that?

someone got on the forum complaining about it messing their ears up to damage results…?! and threatening legal action (this is way back in the elektron users forum)…

anyway … in the next update … the phaser was stunted…

oh well.

used to get some core sounds with that.

thanks elektron.

Keep on dumbing down.


Yep I remember #phasergate.


yes, i tried that and that´s what i love on the OT. it´s like a modular system. but the “basic” fx are not the strength of OT.


was it phaser or flanger?

cant remember …

sounded sweeet!


Yeah it was the phaser, IIRC some user who didn’t understand what feedback did was playing a radio show and overdid it with the feedback, he complained that it could have damaged his equipment and mentioned a lawsuit, next update by Elektron nerfed the phaser :frowning:


ah, didn’t realise it was going out on radio…

Not exactly the problem of Elektron…

I enjoyed that extra few push in the parameter. used to get some howling !!


Whoa… I tried this… :thup:
I never use neighbor tracks and reading about your three stack I couldn’t take it and figured now is as good of time as any. I set up the chain just like you said and thoughtfully created a scene that modulates all 8 fx… All I got to say is thanks and I’m off to make more scenes!!! :smile: