Octatrack and Wavedrum


I want to know that too!


wavedrum is a ‘high tension’ drum unit for snares and other percussive sounds… I’m guessing he has managed to trigger it with ‘audio rate’ input instead of slapping it with hand or a stick. just like a resonator effect… i might be wrong though.


Yeah that’s it I trigger WD with audio, Amen Break with OT.
The mod is soldering RCAs between sensors and Wavedrum algorithms processing.
It can play any kind of percussions, or melodic things like sitar, synth, with a definite scale.


That’s awesome. The sound is really super.


Crazy man!

Sooo… You’re sending OT audio out (Cue?) into your hacked WD mic taps to “trigger” the WD’s sounds, then running WD audio back into OT to use its FX?

Are you just sending something like a click to WD to simulate the mic picking up a surface strike?

Can you list where all the wires are routed? For example, it looks like you’re sending WD headphones into input C/D, but I can’t figure out what some of the other wires are doing…


I’ll describe with pics, I don’t have my computer so it’s not easy.
Easy to revert the Wavedrum as normal.


WD Rca Out (sensors) > OT input AB
OT Cue Out > WD Rca In (algorithms processing)
WD Left Out > Input C

Track 1 > Thru A
Track 2 > Thru B
Track 3 > Thru C
Track 4 > Flex Amen Break

I’ll give another example with same Amen Break loop and other presets with different algorithms.
Really surprising and different results.
I think I can pan in order to have 2 separate outputs. Feedback is possible.

A Wavedrum demo, similar tabla preset used at 2’30


Very interesting.


Love this idea


That’s some cool hacking, my friend :wink:

Thanks so much for sharing.


Anyone reading this in Melbourne Aus, there’s a guy on gumtree selling a wavedrum for $250 AUD! ($197 USD)

I would buy it just for this hack but I’m saving for others on my gear list


Great idea! So now you can record a wavedrum performance and playback with different wd algorithms.


Yeah, and I can use external piezzos on other real percussions, as the Wavedrum mini already do. :thup:
Tested with the piezzo of an acoustic guitar, that became a great percussion ! Don’t need a cajon anymore.

The Wavedrum mini is cheaper, sound quality is below but if already can receive audio in it.


I never managed to get a single good sound out of my WD “Oriental Edition”. It sounds thin/tin-like, despite being run through a decent preamp + EQ.
How do you treat the sound to make it decent?


Wow! Makes me GAS for a wavedrum (i had one once, but with this hack i’d probably liked it a lot more!)


I don’t treat the sound particularly. Compressor, Eq on high frequencies before sending sound to WD.
WD is not perfect !


This really nice. Great way to start my morning! Very cool technicals on the setup… but the music shines through! As in, it’s not experiment for experiment’s sake.


Global version is better in almost every way.

However, I recommend using the headphone output as opposed to the actual outputs. On Global they have the ability to increase volume of main outs, but it still seems too thin to me. Not in a cold signal kind of way because you could fix that with boosting into a pre-amp, but it’s like there’s a rol-off of highs and lows. But Headphone out seems to sound better.

Just running though a MS-70CDR using it’s comp & reverb makes the thing sound amazing…

I’ve actually been working on a setup using LoopyHD+AUM+APC40 on my iPad for like months… It’s like a dodeca


Another example thru several presets, same principle.
At beginning, first 4 bars, you can hear the dry Amen Break played with OT crossfader, and just after, from snare rolls, it’s thru Wavedrum algos.


Super cool idea and execution. I have thought about get a McMillen Boppad to use for midi modulation/manipulaton, but you have gone a whole other level here.