Octatrack and squarp pyramid

Hello.just wondering if anyone uses the Octatrack with the squarp pyramid.wanting to buy one.can you do plocks etc using the pyramid.

Apparently you can p-lock Ccs, Pcs, maybe other messages on steps.
There are a few users here…

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I think I asked wrong lol.I meant sample locks from the Octatrack but done on the pyramid. Instead of using the sequencer on the Octatrack. Thanks

You can’t sample lock OT externally with midi.
You can trigger slices eventually.

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Shame.would have been good to sample lock sounds.thanks for telling me👍

Pyramid remains a very good sequencer.

Yeah.still gonna buy one ASAP. Do you have one

No. I had an MPC 1000, then Octatrack, missed polyphony and overdub, bought MPC1000 JJOS2XL, sold it cause I was using 0T only !

I just have OT, A4, Blofeld, QY100 and I want a light setup I know perfectly.

In the future, maybe I’ll buy a Pyramid, MPC Live, Cirklon ?

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Had a ak sold it bit regret that.how you getting on using Blofield with octatrack.thinking of getting one to go with my nord lead 2x

I’m more on the A4 I received a month ago, but with the Blofeld I can have up to 25 voices and 72 oscillators, 16 channels for multitimbrality. I want to use both with A4 filters for pads.

A4 is great with OT. I use both sequencers and Multi Map to randomize sounds.

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Greets to all

Is having an Octatrack and Pyramid overkill options? or the sum of both offer complete control?

Is Octatrack served better as a sampler ? If you have both how are you using them?

Thank you


There’s hardly redundancy between the two.

Pyramid offers so much from a compositional perspective . Octatrack offers so much from an experimental perspective.

The thing I miss most on the Pyramid: sequence zoom in/out. So you can drop in a few core ideas and zoom in and make them more intricate

Octatrack is an amazing sampler and that’s mainly what I use it for, but it can certainly offer a few midi tricks when you need them. P-lockable midi arp, individual track length and scaling and a few plocks. Definitely can come through in a pinch


As a MIDI sequencer, i find the OT to be cute, but severely insufficient. However, i use the OT MIDI LFOs. My Pyramid generally controls my OT, and my synths.

Personally i think theyre freakin bril together, but im old and the Pyramid workflow makes more sense to me than the OT



do you have an upload I can check out?

you use them together same time in a live format ? or do you use them during production sessions separately ?

Yes. :wink:

Just a joke. Sorry.
I haven’t played live for a few years (before adding Pyramid), but if i were to play again, the rig is set up to include both, OT as slave.

I use a combination of single cycle waveforms on the OT played by the Pyramid, some loop mangling on a couple OT Tracks, and i route a synth i to the OT for audio processing.

One of my next projects is coding my event processor (BomeBox) to play the OT polyphonically. I was on a different tangent a year or two back, but this where im at now.

I think i mostly started using the Pyramid as Master because of MIDI Bank Selects on the OT being a pain. Pyramid plays nicer with other gear, IMO

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I’m trying to weigh the potential of the combo vs getting a digitalkt

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Got a Pyramid last week. The workflow suits me way better. The OT’s pattern paradigm just didn’t do it for me, having 8 audio and 8 midi tracks encapsulated in the same pattern just didn’t feel right from a compositional point of view and I got stuck. With the Pyramid everything is independant, working on a per-track basis (with lengths up to 384 bars and full CC automation recording, knowing that a track can have 32 patterns of it’s own) instead of a per-pattern basis where all tracks share the same pattern is a whole different thing altogether, much more flexible. I’m only scratching the surface right now but I got familiar with the workflow in one single session.

I don’t see any redundancy either. I use the OT for sampling (mostly real time) and not having to worry about what the midi side is doing makes me more focussed on what the OT has to offer audio-wise: that’s where it really shines.

BTW, I’m old too. Maybe Pyramid makes more sense to those who were pioneering midi in the 80’s. And I’m a instrumentalist. So I really needed to add a linear sequencer to my setup, I can’t do everything I want with step sequencers alone.



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leaning towards that atm…also DT has crept into the picture to further confuse my tender grey matter…but not all three @CreepyPants :slight_smile: