OctaEdit v2 is now live on IndieGoGo!

Damn, I thought we were going to see a surge towards the end. What happens now?

Haven’t been fully tested as I am/was in the middle of a very large update and waiting on a stable OS; afaik, some cats are using it fine; just without the OSv1.30 stuff (i.e. conditional trigs) why not just grab OctaZip and give it a go?

We’ll see, no?


@Rusty your are the Wizard of OT…
The man behind the curtain… :smile:


Oh wait what? Will OctaEdit v1 work with my mkII, albeit without condtrig etc support? I would love to use the sample library mgmt features. If so say so and I’ll send you a paypal or whatever for a licence if you’re willing to sell me one :slight_smile:

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It should do… but I haven’t fully tested OSv1.30 and an Octatrack MkII.

I really should organise a survey of existing users… find out where they are; how many Octatracks they use; MkI or MkII; which OS; which Octatrack OS etc; what they use the most, what they like/don’t like et al.

Would be interesting information…

I have an mkII, so if you’d like me to run some tests, I can do it.

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I join in with the others if it mostly works and doesn’t break anything, I’m all in and put my money down. I will try Octazip per your suggestion and see what happens.

When I say I just got a MkII… I’m still in demo mode exploring controls, but I’m looking to the future and if I can deal with my file management on my computer vs. the OT screen I see it as money well spent and a worthy accessory.

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Thank you for the support :slight_smile:

You should get a refund automatically. As per IndieGoGo:

Fixed Funding: Keep Your Money Only if You Meet Your Goal

If flexible funding doesn’t seem right for you and you have a strict go/no-go threshold, you can run a fixed funding campaign instead. With a fixed funding campaign, you only keep the funds you raise if you meet your funding goal. If your campaign does not meet its goal by its deadline, all your backers will be refunded by Indiegogo within 5-7 business days.


Ah, Rusty, your solid integrity only makes me sadder that the campaign didn’t reach its goal! Already have a license or I would have pledged.

Might have an OT MkII soon if things go right for me and I’m fairly sure I live just a few suburbs away so I’m happy to be a local tester of new builds if things work out.


Me too. I appreciate your support! :slight_smile:

Would be awesome… some news ina bit, maybe?


For those who have asked, check back in circa two weeks…

Best to look in the main OctaEdit thread.