OctaChainer with AR support

For those of you that don’t hang around in the Octatrack section, I just wanted to briefly mention that I have added a “Grid mode” to my GUI tool for sample chains. This mode was added with AR owners in mind.



Hi Abhoth,

Thank you so much for sharing! I will give this a shot later today!

What SampleChains can I make for you? :slight_smile:

Just a gigantious thank you for making this! I created about 20x128 chains. In order to save space i sorted each genre by size so the first one had the shortest ones etc. I also removed some of the longer files as one chain first turned out to be 250Mb of mainly empty space :smiley:


Thanks for giving it a spin. I made it because I needed it myself, so it is nice to see others are finding it useful as well. :slight_smile:

Link won’t work, I’m afraid?
Would love to see this, since the Octatrack and now the Analog Rytm is the most imortant instruments I’ve got.

Dead/old links from the old forum.

i was just going through the various sample chain threads after finding the octachainer app, which seems really useful for this given it has the grids slice mode for the AR.

what im still not clear on, does octachain eliminate the need to use ableton to lay out a chain? for example, if i have 60 hi-hat hits of varying lengths i want to combine in the chain, can i just do that through octachain? im hoping the grids function in the app places the samples appropriately regardless of length, so all i would need to do is dial in the correct start point (sample calculator helps) in the AR.

am in understanding how octachain works correctly?

Yes, that is what grid mode does. If you load 60 samples of various lengths they will be evenly spaced at the length of whatever sample is the longest.


Does the app audition the samples? Sorry, not able to try it out until later, but dying to know!