OctaChainer v1.2

I bought a MacBook Air recently and wanted OctaChainer on it. So I just uploaded a native OS X version here:

As a brand new Mac owner I’m not familiar with how to deploy software on OS X, so I might have gotten something wrong.

It runs fine on my El Capitan mac, and I’ve checked that the .wav and .ot are the same as on the Windows version. So it should be perfectly safe. But as always, own risk, etc.

Hi Abhoth,

Thanks for sharing this! I’ve just downloaded and used it on Mac OS X 10.10.5. It worked like a charm on a 32 slice HiHat sample.

I have not otherwise explored all the options your app offers, but thought you 'd appreciate knowing that so far, so good.

Excellent, that probably means I got things right. I just updated the first post with a link to the OS X version. Thanks for giving it a go!

Tested on 10.10.5 and works good here too.

I usually use a command line tool for making my slices (https://github.com/ClintH/gtbg) but having an user interface with drag&drop is cool.

The feature that I’m missing the most is the arbitrary slice length, which is really useful to save space when you have samples with silence tails. Other than that, great work Abhoth :+1:

OS X link does not work =/

That is because this forum is just a couple of hours old and don’t have the files section anymore. I’ll host the files somewhere else and update the links. Just give me a day or so.

Aha ok, no worries… take your time =)

I can’t edit the main post, so I can’t replace the links. But I’ve put both versions here:
OctaChainer v1.2 Windows
OctaChainer v1.2 OS X


Whaaaa, thank you!

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Thank you Abhoth :+1:

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Amazing app!! Thanks a lot Abhoth, you made everything easier.

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Finishing up getting my favorite samples chained up. Thanks so much for your effort!!

actually, there might be loads of user error on my part of course but it’s not working out for me. when i create the grids they are off. seem to be evenly spaced, regardless of sample length. have tried all different grids. am i doing something wrong?

Thank you Abhoth! Nice work. Have you considered adding a Normalize function? IMHO that would make this the perfect utility.

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Assuming you are an OT user, just have slice mode set to normal and make sure to copy both the .wav and the .ot file to the octatrack. You mention you create grids, but you should not do that. That is what this tool is for!

EDIT: I probably misread you, I see now that you mean when you create the grids in the tool, not on the Octatrack. Sorry about that. If you used both .wav and .ot file then I’m not sure what could be wrong. Would you mind typing down a detailed description of what you are doing and what version (Win or OS X) you are using?

Thanks! A normalize function would be trivial to add, it just haven’t occured to me. Perhaps a choice of either normalizing each separate slice or the resulting combined file? There have been some other nice suggestions for features I’d like to add as well. I’ll try to get around to adding these one of these days.

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hey, thanks. what i was doing is taking 60 kicks i have and sticking them in your app, adding 4 slices (to get up to 64) and then bringing it into ot, at which point i attempted to create a grid slice of 64. when i did this the slices would show up before some samples, in the middle of some others, etc. basically creating 64 even cuts over my long sample, regardless of the individual hits. from what you just wrote it seems that grid does not need to be made in the ot, it already exists. am i misusing the add slices feature in the octachainer?

Yes, that is correct. In normal slice mode (which is the one that makes sense for the Octatrack) the tool creates a slice per sample, regardless of their relative lengths. This and whatever you set over in the OT attributes section is saved in the .OT file that is created alongside the .wav. Copy both to the Octatrack and your slices should already be there.

The add slices feature is mainly for RYTM users. They need samples aligned to a grid (hence the grid slice mode) and a certain number of slices. I left the add slices feature enabled for normal slice mode as well since it could be useful as placeholders. If one, say, has lots of drum kit sample chains and want snares to always start on slice 16 or similar.


I think the normalize-per-slice would get used the most, since it results in a nice file of uniform volumes, but having per-file could be cool too. I’m thinking of the normalize-per-slice function as being a one-click operation, where the program is normalizing each slice independently, yet spitting out the single chain, as it does now. (vs being able to normalize a specific single slice or selection of slices).

Also, if you can implement a function where the user could shift-select and clear an arbitrary number of imported files, that would be ace.

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Thanks Abhoth!

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